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MichaelI. 01-21-2003 04:30 AM

Moki tunning help
hello all.
i'm new to RCU, pretty cool stuff. here's my problem.
i have a Moki 1.8 hanging on a Sig Extra 300. the motor is not performing and has these awful knocks! i started with just FAI fuel and then 5% and 10% nitro. still not running right. tried different props too. i have maybe 3 gallons thru the motor.
any idea's would be appreciated. thanks guys

DMcQuinn 01-21-2003 05:10 AM

No more nitro than 5%
I have had a moki 180 for several years -- very good engine. It runs about the same on 0 nitro or 5%. No reason to go more than 5%. But that is probably not the cause of the knock. Best prop for me is 18x8. If you are used to tuning by ear a 2-stroke, you have to get used to the sound of the larger engines. even though it is a 2-stroke, it sounds lower. I am always tempted to over lean it in an attempt to get the screaming high pitch that I am used to getting on a .40 size motor. Best glow plug for me has been the (expensive) OS "F". Mine never did really run right for the first few gallons, but after about 5 gallons it now runs great. I have hundreds of flights on this engine. It has outlasted 4 airplanes. Sorry I didn't actually answer your question, but good luck.

TES 01-21-2003 12:04 PM

Moki tunning help
Had about the same problem with my Moki. I found it was sucking air in. The fix was to remove the back plate and front also and sealing them with High-Temp Silicone gasket maker. Problem went away and engine runs great now. Had a friend with same problem. His problems have also gone. Good luck.

Goinstraightup 01-21-2003 04:20 PM

Moki tunning help
Hey MichaelI,

Welcome to RCU! Mine ran great right out of the box. Hope the previous tips help. Let us know.

Ed_Moorman 01-21-2003 10:12 PM

Moki Break-in
Mokis take a long time to break-in, 3 gallons or more. As has been said, run a fairly low nitrio fuel and set it to leave a good smoke trail until it is good and broken in.

Should start in 1 backwards file. I have owned 4 and never touched any of them with a starter. One I never moved the idle mixture knob, ever!

I like a Zinger 18 6-10 in a wood prop.

rockmon 01-22-2003 01:38 PM

Moki tunning help
Make sure you are using large fuel line from the clunk to the carb for starters and go over evry bolt on the motor and tighten them up. My 1.80 did not respond to high end needle settings till I swithched to large fuel line and it took care of the crackling. Another thing to try is add another washer to your glow plug, if this helps order another metal gasket for the head and install it then take the extra washer back off of the glow plug.

MichaelI. 01-22-2003 07:53 PM

Moki tunning help
Thanks fellas!
i'll let you guys know what happens.

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