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halflight 01-21-2003 04:20 PM

paper tubes
Looking for a simple way to make paper tubes to run servo wire through the wing. (posted in radio forum also).

Goinstraightup 01-21-2003 04:23 PM

paper tubes
On my Extra 300 I just used regular old 8 1/2 x 11 lined paper and rolled it to my size. Put a little CyA on it and it was ready to go.

bdphil 01-21-2003 04:32 PM

paper tubes
I just bought a few rocket body tubes from the hobby shop to run extensions through. They make couplers to join several tubes to get the length you need.


staggerwing 01-21-2003 04:43 PM

Freezer paper
Get a roll of freezer paper at the store. You can make any length tube you want. Just roll it two or three layers around something smaller than the holes you have in the wing ribs. Put it through the wing and then let the tube go. It will expand to the size of the holes in the ribs. You don't have to fool with gluing or taping it, it will stay where it belongs. I've done this for years--always works.

vegas mossie 01-21-2003 05:36 PM

paper tubes
Get a dowel large enough to allow for your connectors, and some cash register paper. (adding machine works best) Measure out how long you want the tubes, and tape the paper to the dowel. Then roll the paper around the dowel and glue with ca. When the glue sets, cut the tape with a hobby knife, and slide off the dowel. Light weight, fits the connectors, and you can make them any length you need. Good luck, Loren

Tall Paul 01-21-2003 05:36 PM

paper tubes
What the staggerer and straight said!
Save the used paper from your printer also.

Wyo_Flyer 01-22-2003 04:07 AM

Pixie Sticks!!
I use "Pixie Sticks", it's a large plastic type straw that a powdered candy comes in, about 2' long & 1/2" in dia. and you can bend it around. It's slick and easy to run the wire through also. Around 50 cents each at the candy store. They work great for me.

M Gill 01-22-2003 05:09 PM

paper tubes
I have tubes in 3/4" and 1/2" sizes 36" long. I sell them for $5.00 per package of four.

Mace Gill
The Aeroplane Works

hattend 01-22-2003 06:28 PM

paper tubes
Order some Estes BT-05 rocket body tubes. Tower carries them.


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