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dsp0982 01-28-2003 01:27 AM

frequency compatibility?
hi, i have a question about frequency compatibility between two different radio manufacturers. i currently have an older airtronics vanguard (heli) 6 channel fm that is operating on 72mhz channel 30. i'm interested in purchasing a used heli with a jr r600 receiver, i'm not sure what channel it is, but if i get a channel 30 receiver crystal will it work with my tx?
i've noticed that my hitec tx is on a slightly different band width than my airtronics, but they are on different channels also(26/30).
if they're not compatible i guess i can use my receiver and get plug adapters to convert the jr servos to standard airtronics, or will i, could they be the same???

i would appreciate any replies,



JohnBuckner 01-28-2003 04:25 PM

frequency compatibility?
Airtronics and JR use positive modulation shift. Futaba and Hitec use negative modulation shift. therefore your vanguard and the r600 are compatable. Do not change the tx frequency (which is illegal in the US) instead change the rx (which is legal) and only use the same brand crystal as the rx in this case JR.

Some Tx and Rx are shift selectable which makes them compatable with all brands. In the case of PCM radios there is no interbrand compatability.


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