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homeputer 01-29-2003 12:56 AM

glow to electric rc
Hello, I'm looking for a comparison chart from glow engines to electirc motors, as to thrust, thrust of glow to thrust of electric? Thanks crash n burn

Tippie 01-29-2003 02:22 AM

glow to electric rc
I'm not aware of any comparison chart. "It just ain't that easy." There are no standards for electric motors so their power varies, not only with the motor construction ( brush/brushless) but by the power inputs, batteries (number of cells). I've seen a comparison of a speed 400 to a .049 and that will depend on direct drive vs gear box drive, prop size and it goes on and on. Lots of experimenting being done with electric flyers. If you want to know what size motor to power a specific airplane you can use a computer program "motocalc" that will take a lot of inputs such as wing area, weight, wing span, battery size and more such info and come up with recommended motor info pertainate to making it go. Not as cut and dried as 'wet' engines. That's what makes so interesting and a challange.
I know that doesn't satisfy your question, so I would suggest that you go to: www.ezonemag.com and get in their discussion group and ask the question again under the topic of "power systems". You can also go to "FAQ" on Ezone and get the real short version of why there is no direct comparison. It's an all electric forum and may get you more results.

homeputer 01-29-2003 03:18 AM

glow to electric
Hi ya , Thanks for your input and your post, I knew it was hard and wanted to see if anyone had come up with a chart, thanks so very much for you time, your help was great ..Ray

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