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somegeek 02-27-2008 03:59 PM

Trying Monokote for the first time...
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Covered a few planes with Ultracote and now covering for the first time with Monokote. Definitely different beasts. The Monokote seems to be more elastic than the Ultracote and have a bit of a plastic smell to it(open a fresh roll and take a whiff). Seems more elastic when heating / shrinking as well and a bit more glossy than UC. The color seems to separate easier from the film than with UC... think some of the metallic platinum color was absorbed by the balsa when heated? Needs a higher temp to activate the adhesive. Not bad overall... just new to me.

Any other Ultracote users had a similar experience?

I am looking forward to using this for graphics and applying with Windex.


Alex7403 02-27-2008 04:08 PM

RE: Trying Monokote for the first time...
so which do you think is easier to cover with?
i know only monokote so im wondering.
oh the neon monokote doesnt stick very well to balsa i think its for trims but not as a major covering material.


outdoorhunting 02-27-2008 04:53 PM

RE: Trying Monokote for the first time...
I 've only used Moncoat so I can't compare. It was fairly easy to learn. I found that you Don't want the iron too hot,& when you use the heat gun, Don't get too close to your work & keep it moving!! I've been using it to make graphics & it seems to work fine. Aften I get my piece cut & place I'll put my iron on low & go over it just to get it "stuck" & then turn the iron up a notch or 2 & finish it. I've made a little contraption out of 1x2 to hold 2 exacto knives to make stripes & other graphics that have a curve in them. Just drill 2 holes in your wood the distance that you want your stripe to be. Place them in the holes( to hold them in place I put a couple of drops of med CA) & cut away. I have made stripes that look like a flag waving & other stuff. If you want wider stripes, just drill your holes further apart !! I wish I could post pics. but I have no earthly idea how !! Good luck

somegeek 02-27-2008 05:00 PM

RE: Trying Monokote for the first time...
From just covering those control surfaces in the above pics, I'd say I like covering with Ultracote better but I'm kinda holding judgment until I finish covering this bird. Kinda thinking though I'd like to stick to UC for a base coat and just use MK for graphics.


sugarfox 02-28-2008 10:47 AM

RE: Trying Monokote for the first time...
Hi guys, I haven't used moneycoate for years after Ultracoat came out. I have read many threads on here where guys are extremely irritated with changes in monocoat over the years. Personally I have better results with Ultracoat but as I said I havent used momocoat in years. The biggest advantage to Ultracoat for me is that it isn't effected as bad by ultraviolet light. After a couple of seasons monocoat tends to get brittle and will crack or split easily. Ultracoat doesn't seem to do that. Maybe bcause its slightly heavier. If you make a mistake and need to pull it loose it doesn't leave the coloring on the wood, therefore ruining the piece. I always use balsa rite to seal the wood and to improve adheasion. Use 2 coats around the nose area or wherever glow fuel is present. Use what ever works for you. I wish that with 36 years of working with this stuff that I could do a better job as my finished product seldom pleases me. Practice dosn't always help.......

I covered an airplane once using the neon colors and it didn't take long for the color to fade badly in the sunlite. Looked like hell in no time. Won"t ise that stuff again.

Regards, Sugarfox

dr_wogz 02-28-2008 01:36 PM

RE: Trying Monokote for the first time...
Used both, and a few others!

For me, UC all the way..

I just find UC easier to work with, and has less 'fun' (frustrations) to work with. For me, MK has: off gassing, higher workin temp, thicker, not as pliable around curves & bumps, fewer colours, more costly....

somegeek 02-28-2008 02:16 PM

RE: Trying Monokote for the first time...
I am starting to see this with MK. Not bashing it - don't want to start that thread here... I do prefer UC though for covering I am thinking.

Covered a rudder last night with MK and used my UC method and the result was less than desirable when pulling covering around a curved surface(back tip of the rudder). UC works fine with the heat radiated from an iron but MK needs more heat to do this well(heat gun).

The MK off-gassing is very smelly as well in my house when covering. Don't have this with UC.


Jburry 02-28-2008 02:46 PM

RE: Trying Monokote for the first time...
I've covered a few with each, and have really gravitated towards Ultracoat. I find my covering results to be better with it, and after it's been reshrunk once or twice, it seems to stay tight better than my monokote planes.

I love the sound of raindrops pinging on a tight wing cover job as we pack up while the showers roll in.... Except that it means an end to the day's flying!


Flyboy76 02-28-2008 03:48 PM

RE: Trying Monokote for the first time...
I had always used Monocote up until last summer when i went to the hobby store for a roll of white and they were out. Picked up some UC instead. Really liked using it. I've always had trouble covering wing-tips but the other night i was recovering my beaver wing and used UC on the wing tip. I could not believe the difference, i had no trouble at all getting all the wrinkles out and making a nice job of it. My only dissapointment is that monocote has way more colours to choose from.

For a first time user i would reccomend these steps.

1. watch MinnFlyers videos
2. watch them again
3. purchase Ultra cote
4. practice on scrap pieces. ( actually used a whole roll up practicing on diff. shapes and i thought it really helped me. )
5. Cover away!!!!!
6. Be patient
7. Be patient
8. Be patient

By the way, Somegeek i'm going to build a SSE soon and have printed off your thread for reference. Best build thread i've read yet!!


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