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Spaceclam 05-17-2003 03:30 AM

Nitro blast question
i just got some of that nitro blast stuff, and it is smoking eccessively now. i leaned it out, but it did not increase rpm and it got really hot. any of you guys have an answer?

Nitro Blast 06-10-2003 01:49 AM

Nitro blast question
Give me a call and we can sort it out!
What fuel did you use? We havent ever heard about anyone getting hotter...

Spaceclam 06-10-2003 03:27 AM

Nitro blast question
dumb me. i was ground running it so it was going to be hotter. i am now running 20% nitro at lower heat and much higher rpm. this stuff does work great, but it is not the instant miracle i was expecting it to be. the one thing you have to be careful of is the fact that when the nitro blast hooks up with the oil, it seems to become lighter. you have to shake your fuel up every trip to the flying field because the oil will rise to the top meaning you run on very little oil until you get down to the oil on top, meaning your engine is running about 80% oil. you have to be care ful of that. other than that, it is well worth it.

smithjohnn 02-09-2012 05:05 AM

RE: Nitro blast question
Thanks for the above post it helped me a lot ..
Virectin  ,  Nitro Blast

kenh3497 02-10-2012 02:19 PM

RE: Nitro blast question


ORIGINAL: smithjohnn

Thanks for the above post it helped me a lot ..
Virectin , Nitro Blast

Links not working........

What the heck is Nitro blast???????

Nitro Blast 02-11-2012 02:05 PM

RE: Nitro blast question
The Nitro Blast additive formula was sold several years ago. After 5 years of selling the product direct, competing with fuel makers, I found selling it off more profitable.

There are a couple of guys selling NOS (New old stock) on Ebay for its former retail price plus shipping.


It did not have a limited shelf life, so even old stock will work the same.

When I sold the formula, we ditched the Nitro Blast website, as the new owner renamed the product.

It is still in use today as the new owner uses it in their production fuel blends.

(and smithjohn is a SPAMMER DELUX, I hate those guys)

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