Cascade Rotory wings Finally got the event ok'd and has it up on their FB page.

I talked to Rob Clark a couple of weeks ago about if they were going to have the event and he had just got comfirmation. So our beloved, traditionally first event of the year is on!!!

Brooks Oregon is just north of salem. It's on a 2000' grass runway in the middle of a hops farm. There are directions if you have never been there and us scale guys always park at the north end.....away from all the other fliers. This is a genaral fun fly heli event and i have not heard if they are doing any official competitions but there is always somthing to do.
Tammies hobbies has had a tent there with all the goodies to spend money on, along with several other venders that i cant remember right now. hopefuly some one will chime in here with the other venders as there are several!!

This is a great event with lots of people to fly and chat with!! The one we really look forward to flying at, because of the way the field is set up. This is where the term "LOWERRRRR!!!!!!!" comes from!! you can acrually fly lower than where you are standing. A unique set up for sure!!