MAMHA is hosting it's second event here in the Kansas City area. You can find a flyer for our event as well as Onebigjunker's at (our clubs web site) The dates for the event are Sept 16th and 17th. We will have hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, ect available. The landing fee is $25 registered pilots first serving of lunch is free. There will be "heli clinics" for newer ones in the hobby as well as help in set up and maneuvers. If there is interest there will also be a "clinic" on scale building and flying.

As the vendor list grows we will update the website and the flyers. For directions, map and more information please visit

If there are any questions you can reach our event CD.
Howard Terrell 785-826-0245 or email @

I can be reached at 816-686-7509 or

We had a great turnout for last years event and hope to see the same group and more for this one

(side note for scale site)

I would love and appreciate the participation of any fellow scalers that feel like making the journey to MO for event. I contacted Emile and he says he'd love to come, any other takers?