Went to this funfly today. Curtis Youngblood was there. He is amazing no doubt about it. One of the trick he did in the middle of Hong Kong's concrete city jungle; he inverts and elevates the TREX 450 V2 to something like half a kilometer up into the sky. I am not kidding he is like lifting for over 45seconds. Then he lets the heli drop and then autorotates to the ground with some freestyle in the drop. Just awesome to watch. Afterward of course a little bit of the 3D stuffs which I have probably seen too much on vid but seeing it live is great. At the end, he inverts the TREX to the rugby post just centermeters away and then he hits the metal post !!! He continues to fly a little bit more and then autorotates down, tumbles and rolls over slightly. Find out that one of the blade had an inch cut away. Which is why there isn't enough lift for autorotation.

Anyway just some photos I took of the helis in the funfly.
Curtis Youngblood !

This heli came with the onboard camera and the below pic is the images transmitted to the widescreen TV from the heli