Come join us on our 10th Heli Heatwave.

Show up for the event: 18-20 July. Focus is on flying and friendship. Demos and interruptions will be minimal to allow you the time to come fly and socialize. The field is one of the most beautiful in Texas and is close to many amenities so that you have plenty of entertainment in the evening. You can eat the best steak in Texas at the Stock Yards, or enjoy great pubs in down-town Fort Worth.

There are lots of inexpensive places to stay and you can get further details of these and the event at the following link: for information, directions to the flying site.

Whatever your skill level, there is sure to be something to interest you and someone to help you out.

AMA sanctioned event - bring your AMA card.
Pilot Meal included.
Shirts available for purchase.
Mains power for recharging electrics. Bring your own extensions and adapters.