Selling my RC HALO jumper. Started out as Micro Diver GEN II and still includes all components of this diver including chute, body and jumpsuit. I added a modified 12" action figure with new Hitech HS-82MG servos in the shoulders and a Castle Creations / Berg 4 channel micro receiver in the back. His leg pouch carries the 300mah battery and switch is in his front pouch (battery is a few years old and likely in need of replacement). The chute was made by Dave at from the same material as the real military chutes. All electronics are like new with less than ten jumps on them all landing softly under canopy.
The 12" figure is a little heavy for this chute but he still flies ok. The micro diver body is included if you want to go back to it. The micro diver body has had a couple hard landings when the canopy malfunctioned and he is glued together in a few spots.
Selling for $160; PM me if interested,

EDIT: Also includes Micro Diver dropbox with servo, ready to attach to your aircraft.