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Beginning Skydiver question


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Default Beginning Skydiver question

I just purchased the Elite Skydiver Package from rcskydiving.com and have some basic questions that I thought I might pose to those who have experience. What position are the skydiver's arms set to while the skydiver is gliding down (chute already deployed) and not turning. Are his arms all the way up or in a midway position? I plan on doing mixing in the radio to control the arms. I have the computerized radio all programmed, but now I'm second guessing myself. It sounds like the arms should be all the way up when the chute opens so you don't break any gears in the servos. Are his arms in a middle position to glide normally..??

Secondly: How does the drop box connect to the skydiver? The metal box is only 2"x4"x6". The skydiver is substantial. So what fits into the box (just the chute) and how is the skydiver connected to the box?

I blew up the picture from rcskydiving.com and I can see the release mechanism, but what does it release...a rubber band..a strap...or what?

My only experience so far with RC skydiving has been with my brother's Hobby Lobby Junior Jumper loosely set on top of a Sig Kadet Senior. We rolled the Kadet to drop the jumper.

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Default RE: Beginning Skydiver question

Hey Dale,

The arms will be in the completely upright possition when normal gliding. Turning and flaring will be th only times you will actually pull the arms down. Once you get experianced at skydiving and spot landing, flaring softly to "walk" the skydiver into a small spot will be achievable.

As far as the drop box. The skydivers pack goes up inside the box. The chute pack is the only thing that goes in the box. There will be a string that wraps around the jumpers belly that is attached by a release on the box. Once the servo is moved the string is released from one side. This causes the skydiver to fall out, a very simple setup but one that never has failed to work. Once you receive the drop box it comes with a full set of instructions on how to set it up.

Any other questions please feel free to ask.
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