Hi, I would like to introduce myself..I joined this site just for the RC skydiving. But anyways iam planning on buying a jumper.I am a skydiver and want to get into the RC "version".
At this time i dont have any radio equipment at all.If anyone could let me know where and what i need to start jumping right away that would be great.I know some ppl are going to say i need a plane to drop it from, But iam planning on using him basicaly for BASE jumping.I live about 100 yards from a 110 ft "watch" tower and am planning on dropping him from there.Another thing is i would like to keep the price below $600 dollars.I checked out rcskydiving.com and i really like there Ultimate jumper but it does not come with everything i need,Iam waiting for a reply from the owner of the website.I sent him a email about an hour ago.
But anyways I would really be grateful if anyone could help me.

Thank You.