I've got 3 daughters and about 30 naked barbie dolls strewn around the house. I fly a Trex 600 helicopter so wanted something neat to drop during Fun Fly's and special occasions. I don't care about doing tricks or anything but would like to put one of these old barbies to use. I remember taking a bandana and tying string to the 4 corners and tying the string to a heavy nail and throwing it as high in the air as possible. It would more times than not, open up and glide down. This is about all I expect out of my parachuting barbie doll. I do have some old HXT 9 gram servos, ultralight reciever and tiny battery pack that I could probably epoxy to the barbie to maybe add a little control to the flight. What do you guys think? Any suggestions? Is it even worth the hassle? Kit string and a 3ft square piece of ripstop nylon is what I'm thinking about useing. Any suggestions would be helpful.