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saddler 09-23-2004 07:32 PM

Skydiver with Static Line?
Just wondering if anyone has tried an RC Skydiver using a static line to open the chute. I have about had it with dirt dives and i'm tired of repairing the stupid thing. I am working with a buddy of mine right now who flys rc and also is a skydiver. He is working on coming up with a static line setup like used on the real chutes for students. I don't care about an RC skydiver freefalling, i want to fly it with the chute open! So, we'll give it a shot. Just thought i would see if anyone else has tried this?

wyldman 09-23-2004 09:35 PM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
Solomon's skydiver is static line has a thread that hooks on to the plane and as jumper falls away it pulls the release on the pack not sure if it pulls out the chute.
are you using a pilot chute to pull out the main, works for me.

saddler 09-23-2004 10:27 PM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
Yes, the static line will pull out the pilot chute which will intern pull out the main chute. We should try it for the first time on sunday afternoon so hopefully all goes well. Will post to let you know!

edge_pilot 09-24-2004 08:54 AM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
Isn't freefall part of the excitement???????????? Sounds to me you take all the fun out if you take the freefall away. Static line is just a bad fix for a bad setup, in my opinion.

wjones 09-25-2004 11:19 AM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
Edge_pilot your wrong, the free fall last for maybe 3,4 sec. if it opens. looking at the pic you posted of your man, it had a D/D was that a bad setup in a free fall? I,m like saddler I jump static line with my man, and the excitement is still big time. Last week at the Muncie skydiving Rally everyone, but myself was freefalling. I did tryed to free fall my man one time and the chute did not open. Do to bad pack job or setup, I dont know. I put my man back togather and static line my next jump and everything was all good. So lets not say static line is a fix for bad setup. you can D/D freefalling or static line jump.

Thx Wil

is the file upload not working? I keep trying to upload pic of my jumper. It want work!

Just put the skydiver Im making in my Gallery!

fly103-RCU 09-26-2004 01:53 PM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
Hi Guys, Its been awhile but hope to be back for now. With the screwed up shop move and the floods from the huricanes I didnt think we would ever get caught up!!! Two more jumpers to go and we will be back on schedule. New web-site is up and hopefuly will be complete soon. As to the use of the static line, you will have to have spent as much time over the last 4 or 5 years as I have testing ideas and changes to under stand why I say free fall is fifty-fifty on chute openings. I mean you never new if it was going to open or not. I even spent two years testing different types of plastics until I came up with one that could handle a dirt dive with the least amount of damage and still be fixable at the field. I did and it even glues back together with good old Wal-Mart super glue. But then I wanted to show the skydivers off at shows and didnt feel safe with our not sure if was going to open senario so I started working on a static line system. You know why the military uses static lines for our paratroopers? Because it works 99.9% of the time. My skydiver had 119 drops with no failures, then there was that drop I forgot to take the safety pin out of the pack and I hit square in the middle of a paved runway. The spectators loved it and cheered louder for that then anything else at the show. The jumper was glued back together but the electronics didnt make it. I now use my check list every time and I dont let anything rush me. My jumper is now at 71 drops with no failures since the pavement dive. The free fall adrenaline rush only last for the first few drops then the frustration of the chute not opening sets in. My static line pulls the chute pack pin then it pulls the pilot chute out along with the main before it disconnects. I will be a Hop-N-Pop for a long time. Talk to you soon!!!

edge_pilot 09-26-2004 08:22 PM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
To each his own I guess on the static line jumping. 99.9% of all the dirt dives I see is the pin failing to come out of the chute pack. This problem is NOT that hard to fix. Yes I have had my share of dirt dives(early on), anyone doing R/C skydiving would be lying to say otherwise. This diver in these pic's has only had 1 D/D, that was because we tried to let him go upside down set see if he would right himself. Needless to say I had to glue him back together. This is my "test dummy" so to speech. His foots all red from the last test, SMOKE canisters.(worked very well) After I have found out the problem with the release pin in the chute pack and know how to fix it the success right is ALOT higher than 50%. I am jumping with a 98% to 99.9% success rate now.( in a free fall situation) It takes alot of patience and time to freefall properly. There are a million of things to look at that can cause a D/D, but I feel its definately all worth it in the end. In the end we are all in this to skydive, and no matter how we do it WE ARE DOING IT. Lets keep the sport growing and get more people involved.

saddler 09-27-2004 01:32 PM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
Well, got together with my skydiving buddy yesterday and headed for the field with my old beat up skydiver newly rigged with a static line setup. It is rigged just like a real chute with a static line. We made 6 jumps and had 6 perfect openings! I have never had that kind of success and is the major reason why i have been so discouraged from RC skydiving. A new light has been shed on the whole thing now!! It was a blast, everything worked as planned. Can't wait to get my new little dude with movable arms at the elbow and it should be awesome!!

edge_pilot 09-27-2004 01:45 PM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
Glad to hear you had a good time. I know the feeling of constantly dirtdiving in front of 10 of your buddies!![&o][&o] Now your next step is to freefall 6 jumps and get 6 perfect flights, Mite want to wait to try that with your new jumper though.:D:D

fly103-RCU 09-27-2004 03:26 PM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
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Great job!! Glad to hear your going to stay with us. As edge_pilot says to each his own. But edge _pilot is right the next real challange is to perfect that free fall opening. Our skydivers are great free fallers. You can spin him left and right and have even done flips back to controled free fall. Pulled both arms back slightly and was even able to fly him forward in free fall away from a group of trees on a dirt dive. If I could just get the jumper to reach down and pull the pilot chute out of the pack on his side and throw it out in the airstream we would have it made. Edge your right there is a thrill to the free fall and the spectators love the thrill of the wait and see if he lives. I myself had gotten to the stage of increasing forward flight and needed more openings to test my changes. I am working on a pack for free fall that should get the chute out in the airstream every time but most of the time right now is spent increasing forward flight. The real goal is to increase Skydiver numbers and not all have the patience we have had to keep going year after year so I think the static line will help with keeping them involved and we never know it could be one of these great young minds that might come up with a whole new concept for making free fall happen. Talk to you soon!!!

wyldman 09-27-2004 04:02 PM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
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I will have to agree that I like all the hang time I can get and free fall openings can really cut down on the time. I'm still using the free fall opening on my little dude from RC skydive usa, but I hit the release as soon as Elvis ( AKA Skydiver) clears the drop plane.


fa18007 09-27-2004 10:06 PM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
Hey yall,

I was bored during the hurricain, so i made a home-made skydiver with extra servos I had and a GI Joe. What I plan to test with him is a reserve chute. In addition to his parafoil on his back, he has a chest mounted round 36" reserve canopy. He has a 3rd servo on channel 3 to open it. I plan to test him next weekend if the wind ever dies down. Ill try and post pics of him later.

broodwa 09-28-2004 07:38 AM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
It seems you guys all have a problem with the chute openings after free fall. I scratch built a skydiver out of fibre glass and made my own move-able arms just like the MIKE kits. The chute I got from rc skydive USA. I was not impressed with the chute cotanainer and release system so I dedcided to look for alternatives. I use the same release pin setup on the servo as the RC Skydive USA and Solomon RC divers but I designed my own adjustable container for the chute. Instead of having a release pin connected to a piece of string that runs to the shoulder where the release pin sits, my release ring attaches directly to the release pin on the shoulder of the diver and the top flap of the container gets pulled back by the ellastics on the legs so there is now way the chute can still sit inside the container. I did my first jump with my diver on 11 September 2004 and since then has done 21 jumps with no D/D. I did my first display jumps this past weekend 8 of them and had 8/8 openings, an absolute crowd pleaser. I will try and post some pics of the cotainer in the next day or so, blue sky.

edge_pilot 09-28-2004 07:49 AM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
Glad to hear some fans out there for the freefall!!! I have been having great success with mine. The pin an chute pack clip is where all the problems lye. Once you straighten that out freefalling is a piece of cake. Also glad to see another skydiver added to the bunch. Hope to have more people like you to get the itch to skydive!!!!

wjones 09-28-2004 06:13 PM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
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Broodwa, Great can'nt wait to see your pic. of you skydiver. I'm working on a fiberglass skydiver. I pulled a body box out of the mold today! Cool! I never work with fiberglass before so it is something new for me. I like It! I will try to post my 1st 2nd, and 3rd try at a fiberglass body box.

Thx, Wil

Jbradley 09-28-2004 08:05 PM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
We like to free fall about half the time. I have video cams on mine and you get some cool video during the free fall. We use free fall to help with wind conditions. The stronger the wind, the longer we fall. As far as chute fails, I have never had one, I have about 250 jumps each on all my jumpers. The only problem I have ever had was getting the lines wrapped around the hands and we lose turning ability. Besides that they are a blast !!!!

wjones 09-28-2004 08:33 PM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
2100 ft. Now that is Cool!!!!!!!


edge_pilot 09-29-2004 09:00 AM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
i have thought of the video camera myself, just haven't gotten enough jumps yet to use it. I was initially thinking it would help me with what was going wrong with the jumps. Since then I figured out the problems and now it would just be for the "COOL" factor. 2100 feet is WAY up there! We dumped ours out of the plane so high I had to open the chute to see him!!! Not sure how high that is but its a long ride down.

fastracer1 10-22-2004 09:10 PM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
so what is the best , static line, or free fall? Ive tryed static line and free fall. I just like seeing it open up! DD are not fun. How Does everybody fold the chute for a free fall? I think my fold is not right. Help!

fly103-RCU 10-23-2004 04:20 AM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
Hi Fastracer1, Glad to have you on board!!! We have chute packing instructions for our chute on the web-site. www.solomonrc.com Let me know if you need more info. fly101@msn.com
As to freefall or static line, I myself have gotten over the thrill of the free fall and as with real skydiving I enjoy the float time so I'm a hop-n-pop with real and R/C. I spent a lot of time developing a jumper that could handle the dirt dive but man its nice having over 93 drops since my last dirt dive.

fastracer1 10-23-2004 08:47 AM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
Ken, I like your pic and instructions at solomanrc.com! Thats a static line setup,cool! I'm looking for a free fall chute packingl! I Just look on rcdropzone.com and he just add some packing video's. To Cool! Thank you for the help.

AlphaOrion 10-28-2004 12:51 AM

Flying Streamer flags from R/C Skydivers
Hey guys, it's hard not to get excited just thinking of what the possibilities are with my future buddy "MIKE" I got him after testing out R/C skydiving with a Kavan junior jumper. I will be doing a first show in the next two weeks and was wondering how I could use a streamer flag which would not interfere with the parachute, but that it would open together with the chute and be dragged by the leg, just as wyldman does with his "Elvis" on the picture. Any pointers as to what to avoid, length of the flags or streamers, etc.? what about suitable smoke systems?

Thanks from Guatemala,


edge_pilot 10-28-2004 06:40 AM

RE: Flying Streamer flags from R/C Skydivers
Hello. As far as the smoke, you can use the R/C Smoke cartridges. They are made for electric planes and can be ignitied buy there ignition packs. I have been running smoke for awhile now with 100% success. I lite the smoke before the jumper leaves the plane and then it burns for 3 to 4 minutes. I made a bracket that hooks to the divers foot. Its not overwelhming smoke but it looks cool. Just don't land so soft the chute piles up on top of the jumper or it does get hot enough to burn a hole in the chute.

fastracer1 10-28-2004 09:24 PM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
I must say the videos are to cool!! this is a new one. I will be at the next Rc skydiving rally. Wil let me know if you get the rally togather for next year. looks like lots of fun!

wyldman 10-28-2004 09:58 PM

RE: Skydiver with Static Line?
Alpha orion ,the flag caused a dirt dive the first time I tried it because it tangled in the rigging.
I found if you shorten the line on the flag and only make it long enough to reach the bottom flap of the pack, then fold the flag and lay it on the bottom flap as you close up the pack the line to the flag should not have much slack in it once you have closed the pack, when the jumper is released and his leggs move to the forward position it pulls the flag away from the rigging and everything can open without the tangle. also there is two onces of lead weight sewn in to the bottom leading edge of the flag.
It does have a nice side effect, the drag of the flag causes the chute to have alittle more negative angle and this increases forward speed, if you want to slow down just add a little flare.
A little caution should be used with the smoke generators tall dry grass does not mix well with hot smoke generators, but the fire that follows makes it alot easier to find whats left of your jumper. But I would'nt know anything about that.
Good Luck

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