Hi guys, I have a quick query.

I have had my 9CAP for about 10 years now and it has never missed a beat. Until now...

Whenever I alter my EPA it seems to do the sub trim. when I alter the sub trim this does the sub trim as it should.

I haven't made any modifications the Tx since I have had it. the only things different from stock are a CamPAC module, a 2500mah 3s LiPo Tx pack that I now use as my NiCad died. And I use an OrangeRx module for my 2.4 receivers.

I love my 9CAP and am reluctant to give it up just yet as all my planes that were initially set up on it are fine. setting up new planes works OK its just I cant do the EPA so I tend to just tone down the EXP.

Is anyone able to help me out with what may have gone wrong??