I have setup 2 telemetry sensors, the CA-RVIN-700 external voltage input cable and the SBS-01A altitude sensor. I updated to the version 3 firmware and the speech update.

I want to have external voltage give me a vibration alert and give a speech alert for altitude. Here's the problem: I cannot make the speech alert for the voltage stop and just give me a vibrate. I can set the voltage speech alert to INH but it still speaks the alert and I cannot make the speech stop with the vibrate alert ACT.

Tech support worked with me trying things like setting it to a switch and various other things and without success they said to send the radio back for repair. The radio is now in transit back to me. They said everything was working normally and the notes said "When the alert is on, it will speak". I don't quite understand that because there are settings to INH/ACT for both the vibrate and the speech functions of the voltage sensor.

Is this a software thing that can be addressed in an update? Anybody else have the issue?

Thank you.