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New to rc. truggy or buggy??

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Default RE: New to rc. truggy or buggy??

ORIGINAL: HerrSavage

As for buggy vs. truggy, my take would be this: truggies are a bit easier to drive, so maybe it'd be sensible to go that way to start. But buggies are more fun to drive - more challenging.. But that's just me maybe.. I would also race buggies if I could(money and time and weather constraints currently..) if only because tires are cheaper..

So, truggies look cooler and are easier to drive. But buggies are faster, more agile, more fun, but more challenging. Last time I raced both classes I ran a 30 minute truggy final right after a 20-minute buggy semi. After the buggy semi driving the truggy felt like cruising in a plush Cadillac compared to some nimble laser-quick Porsche..

Patrick hit the nail on the head perfectly.!

My honest opinion, do either at first, you'll eventually end up with both. I started out with a truggy, then got a buggy to accompany it, I feel my buggy made me a much better driver.
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