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Default Lost

I am a noob with nitro......
I bought a redcat hurricane a few weeks ago. When I first got the buggy,I checked the HSN and LSN were at 3 turns out per the factory SH manual.
She fired right up. I did the break in like the Redcat website states.
I have run 2 quarts of fuel. The problem started right after break in. I can run a few laps on our track and she dies , and is very hard to re start.
Now today I cant seem to get her to idle. She either stalls or screams.
I started withe the slide at approx 1mm and 3 turns out on each screw.
Wont start....
Turned in the LSN a tick ...wont start...did again about a 1/4 turn...starts but ilde is screaming!!!!
I thought high idle was running to rich?????
If I try to adjust the idle screw down she just stalls.
I have watched just about every you tube vid on tuning.....
So confused because at one time , it did run on 3 turns on each screw.....
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Default RE: Lost

set it back to stock settings and try again... replace your glow plug too... check your tank to see if its cracked and check the lines for cracks or pinhole leaks.

high idle= too lean= not enough fuel.
low idle and lots of oil=rich= too much fuel

set your high speed first by doing speed runs, all you are looking for is a nice top end without it going "moooo" and a good trail of smoke, then set your low speed so it will idle nice and have good snap off the line, you want it so you get a little bit of oil out of the pipe at idle, when you let off the gas after a high speed run if it just dies, richen it up, if you idle and hit the gas and it pukes out a bunch of smoke, lean it out, if you let it idle then punch the gas and it moo's or stalls richen it up.

a good setting on the low speed is when you pinch the line, it should rev up and stall at about 3 seconds.

however, that engine may have been overheated and just looses too much compression when warm.
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