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New to RC, few questions.


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Question New to RC, few questions.

Background information

Hello, I'm new to RC in general, and I'm looking to get into it. I will be updating this post occasionally based on the information I receive and what I am able to figure out.
Thanks for taking your time to read my post, my questions and information will be below.

Keep in mind, I'm generally new to all of this, so I would like an explanation on what things are used for, how they work in basic terms, and correct jargon/vocabulary on what things are called.

I plan to go with a Nitro 1/8th scale buggy, I'm pretty much set on it. I plan to use it on my street, in parking lots, maybe a dirt path/trail/field.

I'm completely brand new to Nitro, and have very little experience of the brands, pieces, what is what. What are the brands to look for in certain pieces, and what are some brands to stay away from? I'll most likely be using a website like AMain hobbies, if that helps at all.

My goal is to use Team Associated's RC8 B3 Buggy(ASC80914). Would this be a good kit to start out with? What are the known pro's and con's of this kit?

Alright, as I stated, I'm almost brand new to Nitro RC, so I have very little experience with the pieces, and what is what.
I'm going to list the main pieces I see that I need below, and have a question about them.


Engine: Werks Racing Team Line B6 .21 (WRXTL21B6) - Is this a good engine for what I plan to do? What would you personally recommend for durability, and a long lifespan, with performance. I'd rather have quality, not a cheap price tag.

Glow Starter: There is a Glow Starter that comes with the engine, if I replace the engine, what is a good Glow Starter to use?

Pipe System: Werks Racing 2013 One Piece Tuned Pipe w/Smooth Flow Manifold (2010 Model)(WRX6658C) - This was recommended by the engine's page to go with it, I'm wondering if it would be a good fit and have a good quality.

Throttle Servo: This is where I started to get lost looking for pieces, I can't find anything that differentiates a throttle servo from a steering servo. I can't tell what is what.

Steering Servo: Same as the Throttle servo, I have no clue how to tell the difference, I'm unsure what there is. Any recommendations for either?

Transmitter/Receiver: The kit requires "2.4GHz 2-channel radio/transmitter system with switch", do you have any recommendations for these? What is the difference between 2/3/4 channel? I read that it just allows more control, could I put a 4 channel controller hooked up to this? Would it be a waste?

Receiver Battery Pack: The kit requires "4.8-7.4V receiver battery pack", they recommend either flat or hump style NiMH battery, 1600mAh LiPo, 2100mAh LiPo, or 1700 LiFe battery".

Starter Box: I was looking at the Kyosho Multi Starter Box Pro 2.0(KYO36209), I was wondering if there are other options, more quality, just more information about starter boxes in general.

Wheels/Tires: I was wondering what wheels/tires would be good for what I'm doing? (Primarily street/parking lot, MAYBE dirt field, very unlikely, but perhaps lawn grass as well)

Ride Height Gauge: The kit also recommends a Ride Height Gauge, is it required? What is it primarily used for? What is a good quality one?

Other? Is there anything else I'm missing, besides simple things like paint, tools, super glue, things of that sort. I'm trying to make sure I have all bases covered, so I don't get halfway through this, and find out that I have to get something else, and wait longer.

Again, thank you for taking time to read my post, and thank you in advance for helping me.
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hi tom seeing about 50 views and no body answered you questions well here goes there are kits and rtr ready to run , most kits are top knoch racers and can bashers kyosho mp9 tki3. 4 mugen mbx7r tekno nb48.3 , losi /tlr 3.0 .4.0 team associated rc 8 .b2 .b3 agama hotbodies sworkz and maybe a few more . the great rtr is kyosho mp9 tki3 ready set buggy and a losi 3.0 or a 4.0 you can get the kyosho mp9 tki3 ready set for 500 ans shipping complete
just add AA BATTERIES and nitro fuel it has a short pull start on engine like a lawn mower , kit buggys and truggys have to be put together there is a lot of pieces to put together just follow the manual that comes with kit than after building the kit you will have to decide which type motor ( novarossi , werks O.S ALPHA , RB sh and a few more servos you need at least 150 oz of torque for the steering or more , throttle /brake around 100 oz or more throttle /brake just goes back and forth which is easier than turning left and right and going straight , pipes are all different some will help on bottom end torque and some top end speed , again novarossi werks os ofna and more , radio and receiver 2 channel 3 channel i know the futuba pistol grip radio and spectrum , airtronics radios are good it how much you want to spend some have long range control some have 10 model memory and other options in radios you need the right receiver battery pack for that type of buggy some take a straight battery pack and some hump style pack ,voltages varie to the type of servos you use
some high voltage 7.4 and some use a lower voltage type servo 6.0 ok 1/8 scale starter boxes , ofna, mugen losi kyosho theres a lot they are
great to use and starts the buggy and truggys fast ,wheels and tires are up to you for bashing proline and aka and a few others depends on surface
you are running on . the small pins on tires are for racing on hard clay tracks , glow starter there are a few good one they are 1.5volt dynamite
ofna tools to assemble some of these kits, needle nose pliers metric allen screw driver 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm ,3.0mm and small nut drivers to build , lock tite ( blue ) some of the nitro motors have rating in hp 2.4 to 3 hp and various high rpm ratings for a .21 nitro engine,, you can go to A MAINHOBBIES AND
NITROHOUSE , TOWER HOBBIES and they can help you with your purchase keep us posted as to what you purchase thanks and good luck , thought i would help you a little to get started ok mugey
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