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Hyper 8.5 Brushless 6s (just for fun, too much power)


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Default Hyper 8.5 Brushless 6s (just for fun, too much power)

Just wondering to ask if here someone own 6s buggyes with too much power :P I love my Hyper 8.5 brushless conversation drived with my friend many years with this buggyes. Little story of my project and first sorry my bad english

Started rc hobby over 16years ago, but start playing 6s and brushless about 5years ago. First build Hyper 7 with mamba monster combo, that i selled.

After 1year started build two hyper 8.5 brushless conversations. (one to me and other to my friend). Tested different motors i started some very "fat" i think 46mm or 52mm diameter motor (hobbyking) about 1100kv, shaft size that time very problematic 6mm and thats biggest reason to leave that motor. After that started build my friend Hyper and we found 36mm diameter 70mm long motor to hobbywing get biggest kv what can handle (6s) according to hobbyking specs. Thats takes rpms like a jet engine, but not work long. (if i remember right that be 2300 or 2400kv motor).

After that we found motor manufactorer Leopard and find some ok result and people comments. We order two 1774kv 42mm diameter / 70mm long motors some rc boat store and wow what a difference to every single motor before that. I thinked that time that be first 4pole motor and that or some other reason that Leopard motor give that "explose type power" when you put full trottle.

After that we do little bit logging to eagle and current shunt and try to get best pinion size to that and after that added both motors own fans to give little bit more cooling to motors. (directly 24volt 40mm fan to battery connector).

After that we are drived that system (electrically) to this day and leopards works very good. ESC is changed couple times first started some cheapest 6s esc to hobbyking, after that hobbywing 150A and now last years both have Mamba monster 2, hard to say is esc difference much this cars. Maybe you get more raw power to wheels when you put zero --> full trottle.

Batteryes are long long time 6s 4000mAh 40c Turnigys, nowadays i drive 3300mah 45c nanotech 6s, because little bit lower weight.

After many tries we used long time 15pinion and 48spur. Only Robinson Racing hard pinions worked ok, other pinion brands seems to wear out quite fast, any pinion brand recommended here? Top speed are about 82-86kmh with normal buggy tyres.

And if not clear allready this cars not be driven any track they are only builded to having fun and have too much power And that task they are do perfectly


My main question because here is many hobbiest with much info motors etc. Just thinking if we want more "explosive power" "raw power" when you nail throttle down that power coming out immediately. I know that is quite big load to battery, esc and transmission. But thinking do you have recommanded some motors what can update after this. Quite many times drived with my friend vorza 6s against and other friend vorza 6s. Both have good batteryes and have castlle combo 2200kv, but they leave our cars asfalt and travel top speed and acceration speed. Maybe batteryes not give enouht juice that vorzas.

Our hyper are almost 100% locked because "why not" :P Mostly because more fun drive powerslide and harder to control and more constant drive powerslide asfalt or travel. Center lock totally locked and front and rear have some million value oil thats way rear and front all almost locked.

Thinking some 4092 motor with 1050kv or 4082 1500kv. Or do you think if need raw (instantly) power, is some better motor choices? Sorry for long message hopefully someone read and answer something Here couple videos hypers to last years:

My motor now is this:
LBPS4274 1800kv

Add couple video urls later, when 10post forum limit is over.
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