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Foxy 09-18-2012 08:08 AM

Herrsavage, question for you...
If I remember correctly, you have the RC8B and the Losi 8ight?

I have the option to buy either one cheap and was wondering which one you think is better and why?

Foxy 09-19-2012 06:51 AM

RE: Herrsavage, question for you...
Damn, there's never a belligerent, electric hating German kid around when you need one. [&:] :D

j/k mate. :)

Anthoop 09-19-2012 09:46 AM

RE: Herrsavage, question for you...
..but another English guy may turn up hoping Foxy will not be removing engines to be replaced with motors! :)

Foxy 09-19-2012 09:55 AM

RE: Herrsavage, question for you...
You bet I will, but shhh, if I say that , herrsavage might not help me. :)

Don't worry, I still have a Ninja 28 sitting around which will definitely end up in something one day. ;)

HerrSavage 09-20-2012 07:52 AM

RE: Herrsavage, question for you...
Oh, hey, just saw it...

Um, I HAD the RC8B, but sold it to get the RC8.2. The only Losi things I have are LST2's.

I am trying to sell my Associated buggy, and recently got a used RC8T to take its place..

If that all makes sense..

In any case, the RC8B was very good. Never had an 8ight. I think it's probably good too. Depends on the condition. Don't really know about parts support for the original 8ight. Associated is slowly changing things to 8.2 specs it seems - first the buggy, now the SC8.2E, and maybe soon the truggy.. Still, the RC8B shares diffs with the SC8, and lots of parts with the RC8T.. So part-wise, Associated should be good. Durability, very good. If you run too much droop up front I think they sometimes will bend dogbones.. Diffs and everything else though are super tough. For handling, the RC8B was known to have a loose rear I believe, but yeah, that's partly because it has so much steering.. If you want to race on rough, loose tracks, you may have to do some research about how best to tame down the rear. I only raced with it once, and it was solid, but the rear was a little loose.. But overall I was happy with it.. I'm not a super competitive or serious every-weekend racer either..

Losi always makes good, competitive cars for racing(and bashing of course.. ;) ) What I have heard often over the years about the Losi buggies and truggies is that they develop slop fast, so you need to replace stuff more often. The first gen buggies were notorious for eating servos too - so you need the gen 3 radio tray or whatever.. Anyway, I don't know that much about them, so can't really say more than that.. Losi is Losi though, and IMHO that means good...

I personally just like Associated. Good race and quality pedigree, pro-level success(it's the drivers I know, but still..), good price, good value, ubiquitous part availability with lots of part crossover among models..(was kind of put off with Hobao for ex. - every damn buggy and truggy engine brace was different... With Asso - ALL the same - RC8, RC8T, SC8, on up to the RC8.2 - all the same engine brace.. Just a small ex, but still.. Really love being able to change over engines from RC8B and RC8.2 directly to SC8 without changing ANYTHING.. With the truggy I have to change the CB... OK, you don't have an SC8. But it does mean it's easy to find parts - because the pool of models that share them is so big..

Anyway, depends on the two individual cars you're looking at. The Losi might be just fine.. For the reasons I've listed, condition being equal, I would tend towards the Associated... Also, if you were ever so inclined, you could update it with the extended chassis, new shock towers and arms, etc.. to the Worlds version, which is basically a modern, up-to-date competitive racer that theoretically anyway (setup and driver depending) should hang with anything.. Whether you can update a first-gen 8ight up to a 2.0 EU or whatever the newest Losi is I don't know...

Foxy 09-20-2012 08:15 AM

RE: Herrsavage, question for you...
Thanks for your thoughts. The thing about the Losi is that we hear that they wear out quick, but I never heard anyone that I really trust say it, and I'd like to verify it. It's like one of those RC myths, like the MBX6 arm problem, that may be true or may not be, a lot of people say it but there's little empirical evidence either way...

The RC8B in question I have already driven and to be honest, I was quite impressed. Hm... I'll give it some more thought, thanks again.

By the way, an SC8 might also be option for me, I'm waiting to hear back, and since I love scale looks, if its a good price, that will probably make my mind up. It sacrifices nothing in comparison to the buggy and looks really cool. :)

HerrSavage 09-20-2012 08:33 AM

RE: Herrsavage, question for you...
Well, based on what I have seen, the Mugen arm-breaking thing is not a myth... (talking the 6T truggy though - don't know about the buggy..) I also have heard the Losi thing from trustworthy people - people who even run Losi.. But in racing people sometimes get really uptight about replacing stuff.. So who knows. For the money Losi makes good-value stuff IMO. But anyway, back on topic.. ;)

My SC8 is the Associated I have kept the longest, and it must have ten gallons on it, if not more.. Very solid. Never have issues..

But.............. I've never been able to set it up to run great on my local track, which gets really rough and rutty.. It'll get upset before a jump, then sail with the wind under the huge body and cartwheel around.. Even my RC8.2 was set up wrong last time I raced. But honestly that's mostly my setup shortcomings.. Part of the reason I wanted to go back to truggy was to have something that can run well with a more all-round type setup.. I just can't be asked to fiddle around with diff and shock oils every time I want to hit the track.. I'm sure with someone with more patience to find the right setup it wouldn't be an issue. And definitely not if your local track is smoother. On a smooth track the SC8 would be awesome.. There are plenty of vids on youtube though of SC8's running on tracks with set-ups appropriate to the track.., and they run well..

For road-running and bashing around though, the SC8 has been great.. Very tough, very reliable, very good drivetrain, good quality shocks, etc..

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