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nick34 01-27-2008 10:40 PM

which radio???????
whats better 27mhz or 72mhz i see a lot of older futaba quest and attack on here for sale i used to use one for my planes so many years ago would you guys still recommend one of these older futaba remember limited budget like 40-50.00 on tx/rx??

sportygreg 01-28-2008 12:12 AM

RE: which radio???????
Older radios are fine as long as they are in good shape but you want 27 or 75 mhz not 72 which is for air use.I'm a cheapskate so I use older radios I get on Fleabay.More channel selection on 75-with 27 only 6 channels.

nick34 01-28-2008 08:25 AM

RE: which radio???????
what about am versus fm

LtDoc 01-28-2008 11:11 AM

RE: which radio???????
Nothing really 'wrong' with either type. Just depends on the amount of usage in your area. These are generalizations so take them for what they're worth.
AM tends to be interfered with more readily than FM. Not only because of how AM works, but because the bands that can use AM have been around longer, more stuff on them, sort of.
FM is not immune to interference, but tends to not 'blend' conflicting signals as much as AM does. It's either all or nothing, sort of.
'Cheap' tends to be 'cheap', sort of (terrible way of putting it, isn't it?). Nothing wrong with an older 'cheaper' radio system, as such. Just make sure it works to start with. There's two meanings for 'cheap'. One deals with quality, the other with cost. I'm talking about cost, not quality. Determining the difference between the two can be sort of "iffy" sometimes. Good luck!
- 'Doc

nick34 01-28-2008 05:41 PM

RE: which radio???????
WOW thanks doc. looking at a tactic by futaba 27mhz am its new ..

nick34 01-28-2008 07:07 PM

RE: which radio???????
oh man so happy just picked up tx/rx by futaba should be here by weekend than i should have everything needed to finish real soon man this week is gonna go by so slow ... oh well later guys....

TERBObob 01-31-2008 08:36 PM

RE: which radio???????
Kinda hoping that AM was not being knocked down as I assume ...
Think of this , if you will .
Take a BOSE car stereo , and then take a ROADMASTER stereo ... put them both on the SAME channel ( either AM or FM ) and listen to the difference .
The same applies here .
Now , there are LOTS of "cheapo" priced TX and RX that , although unknown to a LOT of consumers , are made by MAJOR manufacturers .
For example . A LOT of folks think that the TQ3 radio gear is cheap . Well , guess again . Same maker of radio gear that some might think to be top shelf .
Now ,as you found out when you compared AM to FM on a CHEAP made radio verses one of quality , there is a MAJOR difference . Same applies to RC Tx and RX's .
And FTR - a name brand does NOT always mean its a qualtiy piece either . Just like a TX with tons of bells and whistles does NOT make it a better radio . Or one that produces a "stronger" signal . ( especially since FCC limits the transmission output to 750 ma of power , no matter what , unless your a Ham operator with license , and even then , you are STILL restricted on certain freq's )
And IMO - I will choose a TQ3 over a LOT of the more well known radio gear out there for airboats .
Why ? easy access to related parts - crystals , RX's ...and such . a LOT cheaper to replace than most , and can be had for on places like EBAY for around $25.00 for the pair - RX and TX combo .
AND ... if you accidently dunk it , dip it , or drown it , into the deep blue , no major loss .

And for the MOST security , invest in a FAIL SAFE ... there is NO radio that will substitute the usage of a fail safe ! Why ? Because ALL of the freq's , in ALL modes are subject to interference . ( don't believe me , read your little booklet that comes with the TX/RX ... it tells you right there ... )

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