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Mr Cajun Gator 12-11-2008 09:18 AM

.40-.46 build plans
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Mr Cajun Gator 12-11-2008 09:26 AM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
Pics are of a '06 pusher building steps, these steps are basicaly the same tor the puller set up.

Mr Cajun Gator 12-11-2008 09:30 AM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
If anyone else has plans that could help others get into the sport of RC Airboats please add them to this post. I know that there are a lot of people that are wanting to get into rc airboats that are needing a little help to get into the right direction.
If you have plans, please post the plans here, not links to other sites with plans. This would make it easier for everyone to get to what they want.

crispyspa 12-11-2008 11:38 AM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
Who is the ugly dude in the pics?? :):)

Thanks for the effort in posting this.

Mr Cajun Gator 12-11-2008 12:17 PM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
He's my assistant.....be nice he's a good dude. He is AKA Rudder Man, earned the nick name by taking out others rudders.

aglaser 12-15-2008 03:54 PM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
Cajun Gator: I am trying to build a replica of this airbaot. thankyou for posting these plans! I am using your measurments to draw the transom and other supports onto my plywood. When I follow the measuremets, it seems that one side of the piece is angled more than the other.. For example, on the transom, I drew the upper part of the piece, drew a line 2" under that and tried to measure the sides to 2 7/16 inches. When I did this, one side was angled at about 45 deg. and the other was maybe 35. I was wondering if I should just take these images to a print shop and have them blown up or can I draw them accurately based on the measurements?? Thanks again!!!

Mr Cajun Gator 12-15-2008 09:14 PM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
The best thing to do is to work off of center. Working off of center makes all builds more accurate, this goes for all fabrication.
Divide the measurements by 1/2 then take those numbers outwards from the center line top and bottom, this will give you the same angle each side.
EX: the top measurement of 1'1-13/16" would = just shy of 6-15/16 each side of center and the bottom measurement of 11" would = 5-1/2" each side of center.
hope this helps

aglaser 12-16-2008 02:46 PM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
Helped a bunch!!! If you couldnt tell. This is my first time plan building anything.. Built a bunch of planes from kits though.. Any other tips for a noob?

Mr Cajun Gator 12-16-2008 08:53 PM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
Take your time. When building, make a center line on all parts. Mark a center line on the bottom inside, line up this mark to the center lines on the frames. Watch the direction of the wood grain, try to keep the grain long ways, makes for a way stronger boat. On the engine stand laminate the plys 90* to one another.

Sidekick 12-19-2008 10:12 PM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
Hi Mr. Cajun Gator,
I have just seen this post for the first time, and I would like to build one.Is there any way I can buy plans or is it all on this forum?
The reason I ask is because all the details are not here. Example: Motor used, fan, servos etc.Also is there a larger version?

Mr Cajun Gator 12-19-2008 10:18 PM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
NOTE: plans are for 1/8" plywood frames. can skin the hull with 1/16" would not use anything thicker than 1/8"

aglaser 12-19-2008 11:50 PM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
Sidekick, I noticed that you have asked a few questions over in the airplane forum... From this I deduce that you have a little airplane experience. Cajun gator reccomends a 40-46 engine and the prop size is for you to discover!! I am currently building this airboat as well. I have only built one airplane kit and i am finding this to be an incredibly easy build. just follow the plans on here to draw the parts. Use cajun's advice about drawing and everything will come out perfect. its a very simple project that you will be proud to say you built!!

Sidekick 12-20-2008 12:49 AM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
Thankyou guys for your replies. I have built plenty of Aircraft, but I thought I would use some scrap balsa + ply to build a boat for my Grandson.
After seeing this thread from Mr.Cajun Gator, I thought it might be a lot of fun.A larger one would be better, but we can have a go here.
Thanks again guys,

Rowboat 12-20-2008 04:32 AM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
Just to add my bit, I have built this boat but I added 25% to all the measurements. I put a .46 glow engine on it and it flies around the dam. I think that these original measurements would suit anything from a .25 to a .46.

Rowboat 12-20-2008 04:52 AM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
Here are the basic sketch plans of Lake Runner One . It's a small boat that I built over 15 years ago. It's 450mm long and 300mm wide. Balsa construction and powered bya OS .20.Total weight was under 2kg. It likes to turn by leaning into the corners.I drew this up for Shaun but any one can have a go.
If I was building this boat again I would make it a little longer say about 500mm in total length. I would give it more rake because the bow would dig in if it hit a larger wave and flip forward.This only happened to me twice. Have fun ...I did.

[link=http://www.rc-airboats.com/gallery/albums/RC-Boat-Plans/lk1.jpg]Plan One :[/link]

[link=http://www.rc-airboats.com/gallery/albums/RC-Boat-Plans/Lake_runner_1.jpg]Plan two[/link]

[link=http://www.rc-airboats.com/gallery/albums/RC-Boat-Plans/Lakerunner_one.jpg]Plan three[/link]

[link=http://www.rc-airboats.com/gallery/albums/Lake-runners-one-and-Two/Lake_Runners_first_day_out.wmv]Test run. [/link]

This plan is a basic plan and you will have to fill in the blanks the best you can. It is not that critical to get every thing perfect. This boat in a straight line out ran my 15hp boat; my outboard boat was GPS’t at just less than 30mph.
This boat was a lot of fun to build and run.:D

Rowboat 12-20-2008 05:39 AM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
Here are the plans of the round nose hydro that I have built and tested.
The measurments are for a full scale boat about 8 foot long. The original boat was powered by an outboard motor, so you will have to make some changes to suit your type of build. Measurments are in inches. They are very hard to read . I spent a lot of time trying to read the sizes and scaling them down and converting into metric. It was worth it. The plans were brought by me over the net for $10 , but as freinds I will share them whith you for nothing. Not for the first timer, but you can cut some corners and end up with a boat that will work.
I scaled down by 1/4 to end up with a boat of about 2 foot long or 600mm. I have used an OS .25 to power this build.
[link=http://www.rc-airboats.com/gallery/albums/RC-Boat-Plans/SC_1.jpg]Plan 1 of 6[/link]

[link=http://www.rc-airboats.com/gallery/albums/RC-Boat-Plans/SC_2.jpg]Plan 2 of 6[/link]

[link=http://www.rc-airboats.com/gallery/albums/RC-Boat-Plans/SC_3.jpg]Plan 3 of 6[/link]

[link=http://www.rc-airboats.com/gallery/albums/RC-Boat-Plans/SC_4.jpg]Plan 4 of 6[/link]

[link=http://www.rc-airboats.com/gallery/albums/RC-Boat-Plans/SC_5.jpg]Plan 5 of 6[/link]

[link=http://www.rc-airboats.com/gallery/albums/RC-Boat-Plans/SC_6.jpg]Plan 6 of 6[/link]

[link=http://www.rc-airboats.com/gallery/albums/Roundnose-Hydro/Round_nose_Hydro_oo1.wmv]Test run In My Pool[/link]

With a water rudder this boat runs more stable in a straight line. It can roll over if you turn too hard at speed. I have run this boat with a .46 glow engine on it and it ran well in a straight line, the only thing touching the water was the water rudder. This is mot a conventional Airboat but it is a fun project for the more experienced RC builder.

Mr Cajun Gator 12-20-2008 08:46 AM

RE: .40-.46 build plans


ORIGINAL: Sidekick

Hi Mr. Cajun Gator,
I have just seen this post for the first time, and I would like to build one.Is there any way I can buy plans or is it all on this forum?
The reason I ask is because all the details are not here. Example: Motor used, fan, servos etc.Also is there a larger version?
What is here is all that I have. Engines .25-.40 nitro build the boat for 9" prop .46 build for 10" prop. Many times the engine manufactures suggest break in prop is the prop to keep for the airboats.
Row boat thanks for helping this post, nice plans you have posted and a very good job on scaling and build the little gator boat.

jadenico 12-28-2008 11:48 AM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
spanish old airboat plans for 40 or more glow engine. i was made 1 of this

aglaser 01-05-2009 03:49 PM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
Cajun, I have got all my pieces cut out for this kit and I am excited to put it together. I was wondering how you calculate the rake in the front of the boat. Should I just pull the wood up so that the end is level with the top of the boat? Thanks again for the help!

Mr Cajun Gator 01-05-2009 08:28 PM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
The rake starts at the first cross frame forward. I normaly leave a lot extra to help make the roll easer, then use part of the extra to make the grass rake.

carlosam 01-06-2009 03:38 PM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
1 Attachment(s)


ORIGINAL: jadenico

spanish old airboat plans for 40 or more glow engine. i was made 1 of this

Is a beautiful model.
My airboat manufacturing plant for this
Pity that the photo resolution is low.

WFOWRX 02-09-2009 08:07 PM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
Hello, really pleased to see this post tonight. I have been checking out these very plans lately-trying to decide what I want to build next. I think the interest here has made up my mind. I would actually be building this boat for a .61 mill. Specifically an OS SF .61, which leads me to my first question. What would be an appropriate size increase to make to the original plans? Also, has anyone mounted their boats fuel tank in the hull, and in turn used a fuel pump to supply fuel to the carb? The kids and I run a Big Swamp Buggy, and I just never liked the fuel tank mounted below the engine.
Thanks, Greg.

WFOWRX 02-21-2009 07:33 PM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
Interestingly, these plans scaled up 25%, yield a boat with the same dimensions (length and beam) as my Big swamp buggy. The BSB with the .61 on it was not at all stable-quite top heavy in fact. Would a flat bottom with these dimensions be stable enough for this engine or should I further increase my overall dimensions?
Thanks, Greg

Rowboat 02-22-2009 01:28 AM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
For a .60 size engine I would try an increase of 30%.

blueblaster5 02-22-2009 07:17 PM

RE: .40-.46 build plans
Newbie with a ? Would these plans work with an Thunder Tiger Pro 40, or do they need to be scaled up or down?

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