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"bind and fly" type boats?

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Default "bind and fly" type boats?

Hi guys, new forum member here. I'm just getting the RC bug again after many years away. I want to stick with electrics this time. I hope this post doesn't end up too long. Here's my situation;
I'm looking to buy a transmitter/receiver from Spektrum for my first surface model (i can buy another receiver for a second boat or car, but would not want to buy another Tx):
Spektrum SR300 DSM Receiver
Spektrum SPM3300, DX3C 3-Channel DSM Surface Radio

I've pretty much already decided on these, because my Spektrum aircraft radio equipment has been absolutely flawless, but also because I want to save storage space and keep things minimal when I inevitably have 10 or fifteen boats and cars. I want to avoid the problem I had when I was younger, ten or twelve years ago, and had a seperate Tx for every single model. My philosophy this time around is to get the best quality I can afford in radio equipment and use only one setup. I have a really good charger (hi-tec x4 ac plus) and have a few 3s and 4s lipo packs for my planes that I'm sure I could use for boats, given the right power plant and ESC.

I've been looking all over rc hobby sites, etc and only found maybe four boats out of thousands that do NOT include a Tx/Rx/Battery but do include everything else. I probably could build a boat from a kit and power it la carte, but I am pretty rusty with boats, and I'm sure dropping an E-Flite Power 25 in a 30" boat hull would be a disaster.

I'm wondering if you guys have any suggestions for an electric boat analog to the bind and fly or almost ready to fly aircraft models?

It seems hard to find any boat where I won't end up with yet another radio and yet another charger, when I already should have everything I'll need for power and control... I'm hoping to find a boat with an appropriate ESC and motor, but nothing else.

Cheers and thanks for the forum - been reading through it for much of the afternoon.

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