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cres24 04-12-2002 09:45 PM

What weight fiberglass?
I am building a Dumas Big Swamp Buggy. I want to fiberglass the boat but are unsure of the fiberglass weight I should use. I was thinking about using .75 oz. cloth. Is this appropriate for this boat? By the way, this is the first boat I am building. I mostly fly airplanes. Thanks in advance. Scott

bz1mcr 04-12-2002 10:45 PM

Fiberglass weight
.75 oz. sounds very light. I have been using some SIG 6 oz. for general reinforcement around engine mounting rails, transom corners etc. on my 46 inch deepvee weeders. Mine is 6 oz. per square yard. I think the unit of oz/sq. yd are common.

It's strength vs weight, and if you add it over a structure intended to be strong enough without it, anything should work.

By the way I have been using the West System (sold by West Marine) epoxy for resin and I like it a lot better than the polyester I used years ago. It has almost no oder. Great for almost all hobby work.

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