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ras4jeep 02-18-2013 11:00 AM

Nitro Clutch help...
I am new to the forum, just got done building my 1/6th scale basswood over balsa framed Hornet hydroplane by Ed Monk. This project started back in 2005 when a buddy tossed me a traxxas 2.5 engine. Here it is 8 years later and Ihave finally finished what Ienvisioned. The hull looks like it should scoot pretty well. During my maiden voyage on the local pond Igot her up on plane but discovered a few problem area's. Ithink Ineed to lower my engine .5mm to 1mm to get the engine in line with the drive shaft better. Which was probably the cause of my larger problem; Ispun out the U-joint from the clutch bell to the drive shaft. Everything was custom fabricated to make this happen.

Here is my setup:

LOA= 30"
Beam= 10"
Engine= Traxxas 2.5 watercooled with nitro-vee clutch bell and cheesy start.
Using the engine output yoke and ball fitting from a nitro-vee.
2 channel AM radio on 75mhz.
The boat is completely custom.
Ispun out the output yoke to clutch bell mating surfaces.

Is there a better setup Ican use from this engine/clutch configuration? I will post up some pics later. Maybe even a video. All I have right now are pics of the production process.

Hydro Junkie 02-18-2013 11:16 AM

RE: Nitro Clutch help...
First question I have is does the engine actually have a clutch on it or just a flywheel? If it does have a clutch, remove it and install a flywheel alone. A clutch isn't needed on a sport 20 sized boat and actually robs the drivetrain of power going to the prop.

ras4jeep 02-18-2013 11:40 AM

RE: Nitro Clutch help...
It does have a cent. clutch installed on it. Basic straight Traxxas nitro-vee setup. If I go with just a straight flywheel, how do I hook up the drive shaft?

ras4jeep 02-18-2013 11:41 AM

RE: Nitro Clutch help...
It is running a straight 3/16" brass drive shaft.

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