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lownslo 01-11-2009 03:34 AM

stuffing box question
I am going to start my Sea Queen kit soon. Looking through the parts I saw the stuffing box tube has no way to "add" grease or oil. I saw one in a catalog with a short tube, perpendicular to the long tube, I assume for re-filling if needed. Should I try to solder a tube for the filling? How do I seal/cap-off this fill spout?
I have seen a "small grease gun" for filling with a special grease. I also saw a special oil for stuffing box tube. Which is best to use for my application? This motor will be low rpm.....something in the 3000+ range and if I later add a different motor, it would be 5000 r's or less.
Thanks in advance

mfr02 01-11-2009 08:50 AM

RE: stuffing box question
Unless the boat is going to spend a lot of time inverted, no seal is needed provided that the top of the tube is above the waterline.
A light waterproof grease is favourite, or a water repellent oil. The stuff found in fishing tackle shops for greasing reels finds much favour.

LtDoc 01-11-2009 11:14 AM

RE: stuffing box question
That pretty well covers that 'fill tube' thingy. One common alternative is to pull the drive shaft, grease the tube, then replace the drive shaft. Clean up any mess caused by that drive shaft displacing the grease. Either will work, both have 'pros'/'cons'. Your choice.
- 'Doc

pompebled 01-11-2009 01:14 PM

RE: stuffing box question
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ORIGINAL: lownslo
Should I try to solder a tube for the filling? How do I seal/cap-off this fill spout?

Hi Sloboat,

On stuffing boxes that sit below the waterline, I solder a 4mm brass tube onto the stuffing box and drill the stuffing box afterwards with a 3mm drill in a Dremel.
The fast rotating drill is guided by the brass tube and it requires little pressure to make the hole.
It's wise to hold a wet cloth on the soldered joint though, to prevent the solder from melting, should you drill too slow, heating up the solder.
Remove the burrs before assembling the stuffing box.

I use a syringe with a piece of silicon tubing to fill grease into the tube.

I added a pic of the grease tube in my 63 cm tug hull, I capped the 4mm brass tube with a fitting plastic cap I found in the Tiger Plastic range. I'm sure you can find something similar (but, as mentioned above, if you use grease, it's not really necessary)

Just make sure, the grease tube sits roughly in the middle of the stuffing tube and doesn't get blocked by bulkheads or other restrictions.

Regards, Jan.

Umi_Ryuzuki 01-11-2009 01:38 PM

RE: stuffing box question
You can buy small vinyl tube caps at a good hardware store.


lownslo 01-11-2009 10:20 PM

RE: stuffing box question
Thanks Gentlemen,
I have enough input here to make a decision. I did like the procedure from "pompebled". I would have made the hole first, then soldered the tube. His ideas to drill afterwards makes good sense. Also .... I remembered the selection of plastic vacuum caps for auto vinyl lines and carbs that I have in the garage. I think I have some real small caps. Again ..... thanks to all.
sloboat. ..... Bob in Indy

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