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Admiral052 06-20-2012 07:50 AM

New to RC cars
, but not RC. I am looking at getting into an RC car. I currently fly RC planes and enjoy that but I can't fly a plane at my house or in my general area. I started looking around and here is what I found. I seem to want a short course truck. I like the Traxxas Slash 2WD RTR. I have no controller but I do have a universal charger for batteries since I fly electric planes. I want to stay in the electric relm and I do know about mechanics and electronics. I plan on driving on blacktop, grass, dirt and not racing but being able to upgrade the vehicle would be nice since I like to tinker with RC models. My budget is around the 200-400 range and I need it to be RTR. I think this is the information you need to help me out with my questions.

1.Is the Traxxas slash a good product?
2. Do you have any other recommendation that would be suitable for me
3. Should I even look at 4wd?
4.If I got the Traxxas can I go from NiCD batt. to Lipos without changing anything?

Thanks for your help and opinions.

LaTuFu 06-20-2012 08:01 AM

RE: New to RC cars
If you are going to be just doing all purpose driving (aka "bashing") on multiple surfaces, a truck with larger tires and higher ground clearance might be more appropriate.  The Slash is a great truck, but it struggles in grass and "non-groomed" surfaces like grass and rocky/broken terrain.  I know SCTs are all the rage in the hobby right now, but they are pretty specific purpose vehicles for the most part.  You can make them decent bashers, but they need a lot of upgrades/part swaps to get you there.  And you wind up turning it into a hybrid Stampede.

The Stampede 2wd or 4wd are great bashers, although the 4wd will be on the top end of your budget.

Traxxas is a good brand for beginners and casual users.  The parts are easy to find online or at your LHS.  Any good RC forum will have people that can help you with a Traxxas vehicle. 

Yes, you can use LiPos very easily with Traxxas vehicles.  You'll just need to verify whether or not the model you purchase has an ESC with Low Voltage Detection.  If not, just pick up an external LVA and you're all set.

Foxy 06-20-2012 08:03 AM

RE: New to RC cars
Hi there, welcome to the light :) (jus kidding) :D

1) Yes, the Traxxas Slash would be an ideal first foray into the world of cars. Not because its a great car, it is in fact a very middle of the road car, but because of the flexibility and support. You can run a short course truck just about anywhere that isn't too rough, they are nice and scale looking, there is a HUGE variety of different tires, and it is one of the most popular racing classes enjoying ever increasing popularity at local tracks. If you should fancy a little track action, you will have absolutely no difficulty whatsoever finding a 4x4 SCT race. The pooint made above about getting a bigger car for bashing, like an MT, isn't a bad one, but they don't look as scale as the SCTs and they are not so easy to race (few tracks race MTs these days). It's still a solid recommendation, an MT has that 'go anywhere' advantage over most other surface RCs. A 1/8th truggy of course is the pinnacle of the hobby in my opinion, all the advantages, no disadvantages, however, that would be another budget ENTIRELY!
2) Yes, get the 4wd. Unless you have specific plans of racing in the 2wd class, there is absolutely no sense in going rear wheel drive. 2wd can be very rewarding to master, but 4wd is simply more fun.
3) See 2.
4) Yes, be sure you are familiar with how to check/set the lipo cutoff of the ESC though. I don't know what they are by default, but it needs to be at least 3.0 per cell, some people like to make it even higher for better battery health. I'm sure you are aware of this from your flying experience, but it's that important I felt a need to make sure.

Incidentally, what are the specs of your plane lipos (if you are planning to use them?) I have dabbled in planes a little, and I remember that the batteries had quite different characteristics to what is needed for brushless cars.

If you are interested in an alternative, I am absolutely ecstatic with my Jammin SCRT10, I absolutely love it. It might run you a touch more than an RTR VXL Slash by the time you've got everything, but it will be significantly better than the Slash. I still have no qualms recommending the Slash, it has other things going for it and is a great fun durable car. Traxxas's customer service and support for example. If it breaks, it won't cost you a thing. With the Jammin you'll be on your own. ;)

narwalrus 06-20-2012 08:06 AM

RE: New to RC cars
1. It is a good durable product, but the price can be steep. Are you looking a the brushed or brushless (VXL) model?

2. The Helion Dominus 10SC is a cheap but relatively slow 4WD SCT. Also look at Hobbyking's SCT's. Aaarma and maybe ECX make SCT's as well. These car's are brushless capable and have better support than knock-off brands such as Exceed and maybe Redcat (I haven't used Redcat but they seem to have good customer support).

3. It depends on what you plan on doing. You don't plan on racing, so what class is popular isn't important. 2WD is generally slower, with less
traction and lower top speeds but are light and nimble. They will slide more than 4WD as they are RWD. 4WD can be faster, and do better on rough surfaces.

4. I think that you can, but I don't own LiPo's or a Slash.

Admiral052 06-20-2012 11:09 AM

RE: New to RC cars
Thanks for the input guys, I always like seeing the opinions of others when it comes to hobbies. I just have to look at my budget now. I like the SC look and I feel this would be the best fit for me. I just need to decide the 4WD and 2WD point because pricewise the 2wd fits my budget better but for what I will driving, dirt, grass etc it looks like 4wd would be a better fit. Unfortunately this puts me $50 outside my budget. I am a person though who thinks about the buy for a while then buys what will last the longest and have the best fit for me. So I feel that 4wd is a better fit and I will not desire to replace thetruck quick. I also figure that I can change certain things later if I need to but the 4wd needs to be chosen before I buy since upgrading is not price feesable. I plan to continue looking around at other trucks.

Any extra input would be great, also if any of you reading this has the Slash I would like your opinion on the truck and what you have upgraded, replaced etc.

narwalrus 06-20-2012 11:25 AM

RE: New to RC cars
The Helion Dominus is 4WD and cheaper than a Slash.

And the brushless Hobbyking Acme Trooper 4WD is only $150.

I'd go with the trooper:

phmaximus 06-20-2012 03:21 PM

RE: New to RC cars
Ive had and still get great fun from my slash 2wd. But then I do love my trophy trucks...

not a huge fan of 4x4 SCT's. it takes the fun out & there are not true to there looks... 4x4 trophy truck/CORR Truck??? no thank you

Some people love em, not me. I keep my 4wd limited to buggies, truggies and monstertrucks (excluding 1/5 scale)

narwalrus 06-20-2012 04:16 PM

RE: New to RC cars
Makes sense but it is up to him...

And, you can make a 4WD sct 2WD but can't make a 2WD sct 4WD...<br type="_moz"/>

jayjay283 06-20-2012 04:19 PM

RE: New to RC cars
2wd is no fun unless driving it on the street or a track or baseball field. You wont be driving through grass without a running start and then it will get the electronics hot real fast. I just say no to 2wd

elizasteave 06-27-2012 01:10 AM

RE: New to RC cars
Toys is most important part in child's life. There are many type of toys avilable in markets. I liek to play remote controlled car so much. Its such nice and great enjoyment toys for every one.

RC Hobby Starter 08-08-2012 06:21 PM

RE: New to RC cars
Redcat and exceed are great option if you want a cheaper alternative other the the big brand names, for a first time buyer who's not looking to race competitively I would definitely check them out I own several, nitro and electric and love all of them! I retail them for fairly cheap if you want to check out my site

www.rchobbystarter.com I ship all over the U.S and Canada

This is the Calders SC 10E pretty popular model and the stye your lookin for.

This is a 2s lipo ready model and 4wheel drive

Pimpin Redcats all the way :)
Fast, Durable, Great customer Service

Cheers<br type="_moz" />

FahrtAutoRC 08-08-2012 08:51 PM

RE: New to RC cars
I would go to my local hobby shop if I were you and make sure you know what they stock parts for. It is good practice to keep the local guys in business, and it helps you avoid a lot of garbage as well. While the Slash is nowhere near the end-all-be-all of SCT's, it IS heaps better than the Helion, Exceed, Redcat, HobbyKing models and so forth (sorry guys!). Having something that is fun is great, but no matter what you get, you WILL eventually break something on it, and it is nice to know that parts are just a drive away.

RC Hobby Starter 08-09-2012 03:27 AM

RE: New to RC cars
I agree with checking your local hobby shop, being a local hobby dealer i know that first hand. Most hobby shops in the U.S carry Redcat now and stock tons of parts i'm in Canada and get parts delivered very quickly from Redcat which is in Phoenix Arizona a long way away from Toronto. I wouldn't go as far as saying the Slash is Heaps better than any of these other models but I would say they all have there pro's and cons. it all comes down to what you want to spend! As for quality like you said no matter what you get something is eventually going to break! for someone new to this I would recommend finding a place where you can physically touch and look at many different models and make an informed decision that way.

Cheers<br type="_moz" />

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