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Ttowntoolman 01-07-2013 02:55 PM

Winter time nitro, do you?
So I got the bug to smell some nitro burning after spending some time on the forums this weekend. I got the hyper 7 out for some play time. I have a Savage 4.6 engine stuffed in it for bashing so I went at it. It was 27F outside and in my garage where I keep my shizz stored. I was happy to find my 3cell lipo looking normal as I put it in my bump box. Put fuel in the car, went with 20% byrons with 16%oil because it was cold. Car started reasonably quickly for the temps and it sounded a bit lean...go figure. I was able to open the HSN half a turn to get it running well. Yes I said a half of a turn (6hours) and it was running well. In fact it was freeking awsum, never had so much power with this engine, it just wailled. I beat on the thing for nearly half the day, 6 or 8 tanks of fuel. I was running the thing up on top of the snowpack (we got about2 feet on ground) and letting it chew wide freekin open. It was great, wheelies, roosters, steam, smoke, snowdust, and a screeming nitro engine just trying to rip the tires from the rims! Damn, my hands are shaking just talking about it WOOOOOHOOOOO!

Then on tank 8 or so, she left me, took off wide open down the road! All I could do is watch it go, accellerating so fast one of the front tires was in the air hanging a skewed wheelie until whap, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHPbrrrrrrrrrrrrp. Hit snowbank, got 18 feet of air, landed upsidedown on engine in deep snow screemed itself lean and died. Run-away. I use white grease and dab it on my servo's and around my radio box to keep the water out of my shizz. It works for the most part but I missed the opening where the wires go into the radio box and my reciever got full of snow.

I was able to drop a different reciever into the car and everything works good yet. I put it away than. I do live on a dead end road and have much room to run my cars without endangering the neibors.

So yea, nitro rocks even in the fricken cold!

ER-95 01-07-2013 05:06 PM

RE: Winter time nitro, do you?
Ha, nice story.

I would run in winter but down in Florida, cold for us is 65.<br type="_moz" />

JohnP2 01-07-2013 05:32 PM

RE: Winter time nitro, do you?
That's funny. Be glad it did not break away to a neighbor's house. I had a runaway once and it went right into a woman's shrubs while she was working in her garden. Ihad not run that fast since high school, and tried to explain how my receiver lost connection and the fail safe did not work, etc.

To answer your question, here in Texas, the wintermy most activerc season. Very few stay outside for more than 2 hours at a clip in thesummer if they don't have to. Especially wrenching in a garage that is 120 degrees. Ugh! I'd still take that over the extreme cold, however.

ejc34710 01-08-2013 09:15 AM

RE: Winter time nitro, do you?
I couldn't resist throwin some snow with the MTs. I put my RX in a water balloon, already sealed my servos with silicone and spray electrical tape, and put the "hats" on the cylinder heads. So much fun. After all that planning, i forgot to wear gloves tho, lol.

HerrSavage 01-08-2013 09:18 AM

RE: Winter time nitro, do you?
I definitely would, but not in this godawful rain we've had.. for like two months straight... [:@][:'(]

I bought my first brushless, imagining myself out on cold clear days running in the park, when otherwise I might not feel like taking out all the nitro stuff.. But in reality I don't want to be outside at all with anything in this miserable rainy awful garbage weather...

Argess 01-08-2013 12:55 PM

RE: Winter time nitro, do you?
I like winter for RC. Driving over hard packed snow with a bit of fresh powder down is a blast. Great rooster tails, especially when drifting (no pun on snow drifts intended). Sure is more fun than performing the same driving on grass during the summer.

I don't go out when the temperature is below freezing. My fingers suffer for one thing. I live near the salt water in a maritime environment, and I can tell you that cold, damp air is a lot more difficult to tolerate than cold, dry air.

I don't do anything to my engines, other than re-tune them for the cold air. I don't wrap the cylinder head, but I do a lot of high speed running so the engine won't get too cold. No doubt the head fins are colder, but in my experience, the glowplug temp is pretty much the same as in the summer months. So I suspect the piston and sleeve, which have to transmit the same heat from the combustion chamber, are likely at the same (or very close) expanded size as in the summer.

I'm not against wrapping the cylidner head, but I havn't found the need. I particulary wouldn't use a baby sock, as they hold water in the event of a roll-over in ice water, and I suspect rapid cooling of the engine could cause a fracture of some part.

pcarluvr 01-09-2013 08:03 AM

RE: Winter time nitro, do you?
I got all my electronics,kill switch,receiver,servo's,and on/off switch all plasti dipped and a dynamite on/off switch condom on it so it's pretty much all water proofed. I couldn't wait for a nice snowy day to go out and bash. My first run suffered a run away when the throttle stuck WOT. Thankfully I have a kill switch and just ran it in circles and killed it (1/5 scale). Took the body off and there was snow pack around the carb. After thawing, everything worked fine. Someone told me that when snow or even moisture gets on the carb, when the carb is sucking in cold air rapidly the moisture freezes causing the throttle to stick. So, after thawing, I kept taking it out for shorter runs this time but it was a lot of fun! But the freezing temps made my body shatter like glass in one roll over! Small price to pay for total excitement!

Sorry, didn't see the "nitro" in the topic....

ejc34710 01-09-2013 09:45 AM

RE: Winter time nitro, do you?
If i don't wrap the head, the engine will never get above 130 at the plug. Thing gets COVERED with snow by the time i'm done with it.

Ttowntoolman 01-09-2013 01:40 PM

RE: Winter time nitro, do you?
Yea, I never checked the head temp on mine, just tuned it to run good and went with it. I always say, if it runs good who really cares what temp it's running at.

ejc34710 01-09-2013 03:34 PM

RE: Winter time nitro, do you?

ORIGINAL: ejc34710

If i don't wrap the head, the engine will never get above 130 at the plug. Thing gets COVERED with snow by the time i'm done with it.
Well, then again, i haven't ran with the body on in the snow yet either. That might just help :).

nitrosteve22 01-11-2013 01:35 PM

RE: Winter time nitro, do you?
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Winter nitro is the best! Once I got er tuned up,tank after tank it was such a blast! I wrapped up the reciever and a couple other electronics and never had a problem. Scared me pretty good though once I took off the body to see a snowball with four tires sticking out but everything went ok. Even tried to make a little snow plow which works ok in soft snow but not that frozen hard stuff. Was also super cool to make a sweet little track in the back yard,alley,street etc. As silly as it sounds I did want to make a full set of chains to help on the packed ice and stuff. Throttle control seems to be key but man is awesome! Been 30-40F for our highs so I got a lot of snow to tear up! Peace :) .

nitroexpress 01-11-2013 02:12 PM

RE: Winter time nitro, do you?

Argess 01-11-2013 03:12 PM

RE: Winter time nitro, do you?
Nice Video!


Ttowntoolman 01-12-2013 04:16 AM

RE: Winter time nitro, do you?
Yes, cool vid....Thanks.

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