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RC_monster94 03-23-2014 10:15 PM

Custom Machine Shop
Does anyone know or have cnc shop where I can have a custom center differential gear made? I have the plastic piece and need a aluminum or steel one made. Any help is appreciated.

nitrosportsandrunner 03-24-2014 06:09 AM

if you have a good local hardware shop, stop in and ask.
that is the kinda place a machine shop owner will shop often, and if its a good-old hardware shop the manager or others may know who owns a machine shop or know the owner personally. any good hardware store should be able to direct you to any plumber, construction, roofing, machining place.

I worked at such a hardware store and got to know a machine shop owner. one day I mentioned a RC project I wanted to do, and the idea interested him. he said if I wanted I could come down and work on it with him, for little more than the cost of the materials.

RC_monster94 03-24-2014 06:34 AM

Thanks for your help and I'll have to look into the hardware stores around here.

SyCo_VeNoM 03-24-2014 12:21 PM

what RC is this for as a good chunk there is something you could adapt from another model the company makes.

Buttonmanb 03-24-2014 12:56 PM

I use rlchobbies.com they can custom make you anything. I have had custom gears made. exstended chassis you name it.

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