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powertrain84 01-02-2018 08:06 PM

brand manufacturing locations?
Simple question, where are the brands of TLR, HB racing, and Kyosho top end 1/8 scale off road buggies made? I am looking to get back to rc and want a top end 1/8 scale electric, and am tired of taiwan built, low quality buggies.

mugeyman 01-03-2018 02:51 PM

hi powertrain , they still made over in various parts of japan , china , korea the top rc racer kits , rtr kyosho , mugen losi hb xray , team associated i think tekno is made in san diego calif. they make a very good buggy and truggy along with the kyosho mp9 tki 3 or tki4 mugen mbx 7r eco mb and tekno eb 48.3 and eb 48.4 look into them see some of the youtube videos of rc racers and bashers put the various
rc vehicles manufactures through their paces ok ,seeing the buggies and truggies win various racing championships , electric and nitro, racing , jumping ,landing and turning , raced in europe, asia and north america and south america you have to consider these are the best on the planet for racing and or bashing ok hope i helped you mugey

bill_delong 01-03-2018 08:58 PM

Pretty sure most high end brands are made in Taiwan or China... I know Tekno is designed in the US, but they have "made in Taiwan" labels marked on their boxes... HB used to be made by Soar, also based out of Taiwan, nor sure if Soar still makes their kits since they where chopped up from HPI and sold off after HPI went belly up. Not sure exactly where TLR kits are made but I seriously doubt they are 100% made in the US.

IMO, the the top 2 brands I see rising to the top locally are Tekno and XRay, both are extremely durable and offer comparable team driver support and both are extremely competitive at the club level. I've seen more local pros jump over to Tekno more than any other brand and that's been the brand that I've grown to trust the most.

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