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partizansk 10-04-2012 07:19 AM

SKILL Concept - Project 33 Kodomono Shiro
In this movie I went back to my favorite place, Children's castle (Kodomono Shiro). I was hoping to get back to the empty pool I used all winter last year, but it was full of leaves due to typhoon that just passed near by :(. No biggy, I found my self place to practice and had good fun in little cooler weather.
<div>I also made this track to the video. If you like any of my music, you can download it from the address bellow. Feel free to use it as long as you give credit to MSPDawgs/Kezo</div><div>http://sutros.com/Kezo/music</div><div></div><div>If you like my videos, please SUBSCRIBE!!!</div><div>Thanks for watching and happy drifting to you all!</div><div></div><div>Car:</div><div>Chassis - Yokomo Drift package Basic with Stage 2 upgrade</div><div>Yokomo's Front One Way</div><div>Body - HPI's Mazda RX-8</div><div>Tires - SURGING SDT-002C D60 for carpet</div><div>High speed steering servo (FUTABA BLS-451)</div><div>Transmitter is also Futaba (4PL-2.4G)</div><div></div><div>NO D box!</div><div></div><div>Original music by MSPDawgs/Kezo</div>

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