i recently got my old Rc10T2 back in a trade last nite. when i last traded it , it have a novak brushless set up, its long gone.

so here i am trying to get it running using a brushed set up.

i have a dynamite power pulse esc , the trans has a 87 tooth spur gear, no pinion gear yet.. i only have 2 motors , a team orion method R v2 , i believe its the limited edition 19T , and then i have a fantom vortec motor .. i dont know the turns of it.

what tooth pinion will i need, and can i use the 19Tmotor on my 10T2 ?

i have a lot of time rebuilding rc10's, but that is only making them rollers,all the ones that i have that do run, im using the original electronics that came in them.. i never did understand that winds and turns stuff !

any tips / advice will be appreciated. thanks.