Howdy all,
I boughta box of RC stuff a few years ago ata yard sale. In it was a Tamiya frog and several radios. I was never able to get any of it working (the radios did not run the servo motors) so I lost interest and into the basement it went. My kids are now 10 and 7 and have some crappy Wal Mart R/C cars they play with and I have decided to move forward with a project to get the Frog back on the road. Rather than try to use 25+ year old radios and receivers, I would like to replace the basic wiring of the from, replace the receiver, radio, and servos. I havent bought any radio realted stuff since my last plane from Tower Hobbies in 1988, so some guidance as to where and what I may need will be greatly appreciated. I bring this up because I am heading to the Philippines and have a cousing who owns a hobby shop and can pick some of the stuff up there. I will post pics of this project as it progresses.
I may buy another tamiya frog or two off ebay just to have some spares. thanks for some direction with the project.