the dates have been announced and the site has gone live:

the 2012 vintage offroad nationals are being held in bethel ct on sept 15-18th.
a special "period correct" track is currently under construction. there is also a very nice dirt oval track on the premisis, so if you got an old oval car, bring it too!

rulesare simple:

cars must be made before 1994. 17.5 brushless/27 turn brushed, lipo allowed, modern tires and wheels allowed.
2wd buggy (race bred cars like rc10's, ultimas, jrx2s)
stadium truck
4wd buggy
heavy metal (blacklfoot, clods, futaba truck, big bears, etc...)
classics (entry level, like hornets, frogs, falcons, srb's, raiders, etc...all those cool cars from the 80's) handout motor from tamiya
novice (drivers 14 years old and younger)
see link and check out the full rules area.

we get racers from all over the country. it's a fantastic event, with close racing, great handouts/prizes, great crew and just a damn good time.

some fantastic sponsers have already commited, tamiya, associated, rc car action, hitec, team vintage a&l and a bunch of others!

save the date vintage racers, don't miss this event.