Hey Guys,

I am having some problems trying to find Pre-Mounted Wheels & Tires for my Kyosho Inferno MP5! My issue is, the MP5 used 19mm Hexes! The standard is now 17mm Hexes on most 1/8th Scale Buggies!
Does anyone know where I can purchase a set of 19mm Pre-Mounted Wheels for my Kyosho? The original stock number was #KYOC 6524 (BSW-80W) & KYOC 9788 (W-5649H). Or can the Kyosho MP5 19mm Hex Drives (Washers) be changed to 17mm Hex Drive (Washers)? If so, does anyone know exactly where to purchase them? If you could include the Item Number #, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks again Guys!