I've been working on a Turbo Optima (chain 4wd) trying to get it running reliable enough to bomb around the driveway. After swapping the pinion gear with a spare, and center and counter gears from a donnor Ultima buggy, the chain stagged at full speed and cleaned out the counter and center grar teeth.
Looking on ebay, the same grade plastic center gear is nearly $60 shipped and the oem counter is $20.
I'm not looking to stay stock, so any gear set would be fine.
The counter gear is pretty tight fit, so I couldn't go much larger then the original 27tooth gear. The center gear can be relocated to fit and the motor location is adjustable as it should be.
Any thoughts on what brand or car model I could look at to upgrade the gears to?
I'm aware I will need to swap the pinion gear as well as the other 2 as the pitch differs from almost all other brands.