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SteveR3750 12-10-2012 10:49 AM

Diamond in the Rough?
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First, I am not a car guy. I bought this car from a Co-worker for $35.00 with the intentions of cleaning it up a bit and giving it to my 10 yr old stepson for Christmas. I figured it could be a project that we could tear down, clean up and put back together.

It wasnt until today, when I started re-searching that I discovered that this might be a very sought after collectible in the RC car market. Now I am wondering what I should do with this thing.

Can anyone tell me what the "true" value of this car might be in its current condition? It was set up with a Futaba Attack Radio like Airplane guys would use, but he threw in this pistol grip controller with the servos and reciever. I was going to switch everything over because I thought it would be easier for my stepson to use.

Are parts still readily available for this car? Maybe its worthy of a complete teardown and restoration. I just have no idea as to what it might cost to do that, and how hard it might be to find the replacement parts...

Can anyone provide a link to the manual.. Tamiya Supershot...

tapkoote 12-10-2012 12:00 PM

RE: Diamond in the Rough?
give it to your stepson

john01374 12-10-2012 12:47 PM

RE: Diamond in the Rough?
What you have there is a Tamiya Super Shot. While it’s value isn’t as high today as it would have been a yr ago it’s still worth a couple of hundred dollars. The reason being is Tamiya recently re released the Super Shot with a couple of updates for durability.

The Super Shot is highly collectable. I would check Ebay but I believe that an original car would bring you somewhere between $200-$300.

Personally I’d sell it and but the kid something simply like a Hornet or other entry level RC.

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