i just got info from my LHS that my order for the V3 will be in-stock in the mid of feb i not a newbie i have been racing on carpet both on/off road i am looking to get in the off-road racing seen and now that its a go with the v3 i am trying to find a good set up i have some 10.5 systems in some vehicles and i am very comfortable with them so i am wondering what turn would be good i plan on racing so I'm not too sure what class i would want to race inI've been online and on the phone all day looking for tracks near me and what their classes are and i found out that i will have to go with a lower turn motor i have some 10.5 that I'm real comfortable with should i go with the 10.5 or a lower turn like a 6.5 to 8.5
so what would be the best set up for those turn motors and esc now since i am looking at different motors and esc open for all inputs
leaning towards the rs spedo and a 7.5 reedy , D3 , and tekin open to any suggestions for any type of set up i just don't want to getting in over my head at the races so i plan on tuning it down until i get used to the vehicle