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Outdoor Off Road Track Running In Winter

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Default RE: Outdoor Off Road Track Running In Winter

Plastidip is your friend
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Default RE: Outdoor Off Road Track Running In Winter

ORIGINAL: Henryslash

Hi John

To get 300 to 400 cycles do you have to balance charge everytime?

Will the low voltage on life batteries affect the run-times or the speed?

Run-times more so than speed is what's important to me also how many times you can cycle the battery.

If you had a 8400mah 2s lipos and an 8400 mah 2s life is the only difference between the 2 the speed or is runtime reduced?



Sorry I haven't replied sooner. It's been busy around here the last couple of weeks.

I always recommend balancing LiPo's while charging. I typically take it one step further. I have a stand alone balancer that I can plug the battery into the moment it comes out of the truck. That way I'm sure the packs are ready before they go on the charger.

As for brand. My favorites right now are the Turnigy 5200 2S packs from HobbyKing. I've not had one of these packs die that wasn't completely my fault. I've had other brands last 300-400 cycles as well but they were $150 packs that were a complete waste of money.

If people are seeing LiPo's puff after 15 runs then they are either buying a poor brand or they have no idea how to handle them.

As for LiFe vs LiPo. If the packs have the same Mah rating the only difference you'll see is speed. he LiFe packs will be slower as the voltage per cell is lower. Run time should be pretty close.
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