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Can I get anything decent for under $300?

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Default RE: Can I get anything decent for under $300?


No ones bullied you you lashed out from a simple question, and people called you on what I now believe is your grandsons fictitious broken RC. Hell currently I wouldn't even believe a single thing you said that broke without a photo that has no doctoring to it that I can tell is from you.
You said it broke on its 1st day I only asked what broke and what he did. I bet you I can break a Mugen, or any other $800+ kit if I try in under 10 minutes by going full throttle into a brick wall. If I do then can I call them junk?
There was reasons I was so curious it wasn't to bully or put you on the spot it was to know if its was a weakness I've yet to find(along with the other people who used to post here that owned one), or if it was a freak accident. It wasn't I didn't believe you(now I don't) I seriously was curious to see if it was something able to be worked around, and reinforced before it would happen to mine. Instead you said "It's irrelevant, the fact of the matter is that he did."

Lets see now personal attacks "Apparently you're only a basher, so maybe that's part of your problem" well that looks like an attack, yes I only bash as there is no tracks nearby yet alone open when I'm not at work. Now if you want to come to this city, and open a track that's open on weekday afternoons I'd be more than happy to race. Also like I said the OP asked for a RC to drive around on dirt and stuff, not a racer. Hell this was only in the 1st reply. Then you act like people are bullying you. Yes people will start treating you like a sack of crap when you start trying to talk down to them, and a lot of others as the greater majority of the ppl who post on this board are strict bashers. So in trying to talk down to me you also talked down to probably around 90% of the people who post here. Your behavior kind of reminds me of when you introduce a new dog to a pack, and they don't know their place come in acting all big and bad till they get chewed up. Seriously thought if that is your whole attitude on RC's I'd leave these boards as you will not gain any friends.

As for why these forums are dead there's actually a reason about 1 year ago for 3 months the forums became extremely unstable to where if you could load the forum let alone post you were extremely lucky(seriously it would take almost an hour to make a single post). This lasted for 3 months(which IMO was a tad ridiculous), and in those 3 months 80-90% of the regulars left to other forums that the management seemed to care about making sure they ran. Till then the forums were extremely active, and each forum would have like 40 ppl on it posting all the time(except the nitro stadium truck forum that one was always pretty dead). And the majority of those people were extremely confrontational.

As for this thread becoming a mess seriously you decided to pick apart everything said by someone that OWNS both of the vehicles that said both of their issues pretty evenly(and even listed parts needed), rearrange what was said**, and say one was pretty much rubbish. I posted links to a reviewer that says the same thing(I actually watched the review after I got mine and came to the same conclusion about the suspension to see if it was just me) you pretty much call him a noob cause he was doing donuts cause he tries to drive RTR's aimed at new ppl like a new person(BTW that reviewer owns a very active RC forum)... If you go look at the merv thread here its filled with ppl asking about the springs cause they are too soft out of the box ,and even *****g the pre-load does almost nothing.

Also like I said I'm fine with people disagreeing with me just ask phmaximus how much we agree on the traxxas TQI radio. I'll just say our opinions on it are 100% polar opposites. I'll just expect if you disagree with me to throw a reason into it, and also I've got no qualms being proven wrong with what I say as I like learning more just give me reasons why you think I'm wrong so a debate can go on you saying "its irrelevant" kinda makes that impossible and look like you have no argument.

**like when you said I said "Wait a second, one second you say the DF-02 handles like crap because its shocks need replacing" which was never said at all. I said the shock shafts I had on mine bent easy I never said it handled like crap.

I will say I never replied to your comment on why tamiya never fixed the DF-02's known issues. Here is why its cause they are not really issues when you run it with brushed motors. The RC was designed in 2004 before brushless motors came out, and was replaced by the DF-03 in 2006. So why should they fix a RC that develops problems doing things, and using a power plant that it was never intended for? They just sell it like they sell all their older models no updates available. Personally I find it more amazing it was designed as well as it was that it can take the power from brushless with as few mods needed as it does.
If lying, and bullying, and twisting the truth into some alternate form of reality makes you feel better, so be it.

You must not have been hugged much as a child. Grow up!

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Old 01-24-2013, 01:34 PM
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Default RE: Can I get anything decent for under $300?

ORIGINAL: kyleshrub

Pot calling the Kettle black? [img][/img]
Hardly. Syco is one of the most helpful and knowledgeable fellas around here, whereas this is your second account in as many weeks. If you do this again, you will be permanently banned.

That's enough for this thread.
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