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Slash 4x4 overtray air scoop, rock protection, cooling

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Default Slash 4x4 overtray air scoop, rock protection, cooling

i am new to RC trucks and being from Arizona, I envy you guys that get to drive in real dirt! Here in AZ we have gravel, and rocks, which I found out the first time I stood behind my slash taking off with VXL motor. Me and my pickup truck got a nice (not) little gravel spray.

Anyway, the gravel and rocks are really rough on my Slash 4x4 chassis, specially the back a-arms, shocks and driveshafts. All of the spray from the front wheels just trashes the back end. My chassis tray was filling up with rocks and grooving the driveshaft in chassis.

So I purchased one of those Jconcepts 2238 LCG overtrays to try to keep the rocks out. It worked okay but still had some rocks in tray and the motor and ESC would run really hot. Next Integy dual cooling fan/heatsink for motor and Traxxas ESC fan for ESC. Soon as I put the overtray on you could hear the fan motors rev up like they where starving for air.

Found the answers to the problems with some 3D printed mods added to the overtray and rear A-arms. I designed and 3D printed an air scoop that fits in the front of the overtray with a screen to catch some air and keep rocks out. Cut a couple vent holes for integy dual fan/heatsink and 3D printed a screen holder for top of tray. 3D printed side rails for LCG chassis to fill the holes between overtray and side nerf bars. On the side with ESC I made a little spring loaded push button to turn ESC on and off with body and overtray on. For the back RPM a-arms, 3D printed some a-arm covers to protect front edge of a-arms and flap going up to protect driveshaft and carrier. RPM shock shaft guards round out the protecton for the shock shafts front and rear.

I have to say that I am really suprised at how well this stuff works. I get very few rocks in the chassis, and the motor and ESC run nice and cool now even on hundred degree days. It is so nice to be able to turn ESC on and off without pulling the body and overtray on and off. All of these mods are working great!

Hope this will give others some ideas to solve cooling and rock problems. This is my first RC vehicle (besides my homemade rc tank) and I have really enjoyed the Slash 4x4. It is super fun to work on and tinker with. But with VXL motor and 3S lipo it is out of my beginner range to handle with all that power. What a great beginner truck the Slash is!

Here are some picks of my Slash 4x4 from a very proud owner
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Nice truck!
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Mike, that 3D-printed scoop is brilliant! Glad you're having so much fun with it. I didn't quite get what you meant about the VXL & 3S being too much for you right now, but you're having fun driving it. ?? ARE you running 3S? and if so, have you then limited it's top speed via the transmitter? Just curious.

Just thought I'd mention, too, that another alternative to shock guards are shock covers, or shock socks. The advantage of socks is that you get 360 protection, where the guards just shield one side. You DO have to take the socks off for cleaning one in a while. But badhorsie.com has them cheap.
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EXT2Rob, the scoop works really well, very few rocks, motor and ESC run nice and cool. If there is some interest in this stuff, I would consider putting it on Thingiverse.

I am new at driving RC trucks. I have a stock 2WD slash with 12T 550 motor that I do okay with, prettty lame though. Bought the slash 4x4 off ebay to use the motor in my RC Tank. But having so much fun with the truck, put the motor back in it. The Slash 4x4 with Velineon and 3S 5k battery is totally amazing. I can't even keep it in a straight line accelerating on dirt or pavement. I am having a blast with it, fun to watch! I have rolled and flipped it, ran it into walls so many times and it keep on ticking. What a great beginner truck! Having just as much fun taking it apart and messing with it as driving it.

I saw the shock socks online, but thought they where just for the longer rock crawler shocks. I will look at them and see if they make them for SC truck. Looked like they had some cool designs! That is a very good suggestion, and you are right rocks bounce off stuff and can still hit the shafts with guards not covering the whole shock. The big bore shocks with TiNi coated shafts seem to hold up well, but extra protection would be nice. Couple little nicks will be all it will take to mess them up. Thanks!

And no I have not used the training 50% power on the VXL-3S, too much fun at 100%. I will get better as I drive it more.

Just out of curiosity has anyone ever filmed a slash 4x4 taking off in slow motion? I took off on a piece of carpet in my shop and the truck stood on end! I would love to see it in slow motion. Man if a Tesla ran like that! Truely amazing how much power RC brushless motors have!

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