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    Lightbulb 1/8 Scale Electric Buggy to bash and drive at high speeds

    Hi guys, I am from Azerbaijan. and quite new to rc world. I am planning to buy new 1/8 scale electric buggy to bash and ride at high speeds. After all the searches over the forums, youtube, i came to conclusion that HPI VORZA FLUX is the best one. especially it has high speed with 6s LIPo. However different views on its durability, although some users say that i can upgrade it to make more durable, i would like to get some views here as well.

    I am willing to spend up to 1000$ altogether with upgrades. If you recommend HPI vorza flux, what are the upgrades should i get to make it more durable, better handling, and overall really good car.

    If you have any other suggestions please let me know. Bare in mind here in Azerbaijan there is no Rc shop, so i have to order all the parts over the web, so whatever it is hopefully it will be readily available over the web easily.


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    Azerbaijan! Wow, we get 'em from all over! Welcome.
    I cannot advise you on the Vorza, other than to caution you that the quality of HPI vehicles varies by model. Stay away from the Trophy line. The Vorza may be a fine car.
    Have you looked at the OFNA LX2E? I've heard good things about that one. I have a smaller Ofna truggy that I am very happy with. Good build quality. I'm sure someone else will come along with advice about the Vorza. Best wishes!
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    Thank you my friend!) i am currently planning to buy two cars. One really good quality built 1/5 truck, which i choose to be losi 5ivet according to forums and youtube. I am also planning to upgrade tht one too for durability, speed and handling. I will get kit version. And electric buggy and later one really good one truggy. Truggy was quite challenging to find, all of them has some issues with durability. If you know any expert who could guide me step by step on choosing the car and building it, i will appreciate. I can pay consutamcy fee for the time spend with me. I will check your suggestion as well!

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    The Ofna LX2e is a good beginner buggy. It's pretty durable and inexpensive, but there are shortcomings to it's old design. The LX2e has lots of bump steer in it's geometry and the steering tie rods are thin. Upgrades are almost nonexistent except for a few Integy parts and some from Ofna as well.

    If you want a more modern buggy that's built like a tank look into Mugen. The MBX6 and latest MBX7 are modern designs that are more durable. There are also upgrades available from manufacturers like KingHeads and others.
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    I checked Ofna as you said Maj it is good beginner buggy. I am trying to go for advanced stuff and upgrades. So that i enjoy the drive totally for couple years without worry. Will check Mugen too!! Thx for the help!!

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    The ofna and also a few thunder tigers is what I've seen with guys doing speed runs and getting them in the high 80's
    I personally haven't heard much about mugen, that being said I'm not into that particular area of rc. What I have heard about mugen however hasn't been bad.
    When u say bashing and high speed, are u meaning street only? Or are u going to go off road?
    Maybe the eRevo would be for you? Its claimed I think 60mph and is made by traxxas so parts support is EVERYWHERE.

    IDK just my 2cents, also this is a place for people to come and learn and seek advice, I personally wouldn't take any type of payment just for steering you in the right direction, we all want you to like the hobby and help it thrive and grow not end up hating your purchase and shun it. People can read this and think I'm being all high and might or what have you, I'm just saying what I feel, I would want someone who clearly knows more than me to help me rather than have to be paid for advice for a major thing in my life.
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    Mainly off road for bashing and racing for fun. And high speed on the road just for fun, thats why i thought abt hpi for speed and perhaps after certain upgrades for bashing. Yeah i am ready to pay because i was looking for an expert driver, 10+ yrs experience of building and customising cars and plus he needs to spend quite a time with me in skype and phone going through the building and etc process... Not an easy job to do)

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    Erovo seem to flipp over on the turn easily, my opinion from videos...thunder cars seem to be interesting

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    I have a smaller Ofna truggy that I am very happy with.

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    ID also suggest the Ofna Lx2e! The people on the site helped a ton build mine, and for speed its awesome and bashing even better! Its super durable( Cartwheeled it a ton, also had sum highspeed wrecks) and still going like new.

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    The new Axial 1/8 (not 1/10) Yeti????

    cant knock the losi 5ive.... Awesome truck.... But unfortuntaly I sold mine just last week.... As much as I loved it... No kidding lol, I hardly ever used it. And since getting my Losi 8ight-e 2.0 up and running I never drove the 5ive.... IMO the 1/8 electric stuff is just so much better to bash with.....u can do stupid "stunts"... thing u would never attempt with a 1/5 scale rc.
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    i am planning to build losi5ive kit)) and buy one buggy or truggy to bash) have not yet decided but more into Vorza flux,

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