This forum has helped me a lot so I hope to help others. I bought a redcat mirage a few months ago, day number one the steering servo went out. So I added a savox high torque servo, next the suspension hub broke, followed by the axle, the steering arm, control arm holder, then the control arm. I didn't want to keep adding the stock weak plastic parts back on so I looked high and low to see of anyone has put on axial exo terra parts since everyone says the mirage is a knock off of the axial exo terra. Well I started small and ordered the rpm exo terra control arms and to my relief they fit with no modification, you only have to add a longer bolt to the lower shock because the control arm is thicker. I'm going to start upgrading the mirage as more parts break with the exo terra aluminum parts, mainly the hubs and bulk heads. After all my searching I never came up with an answer for upgrades, no one seems to modify their mirage. I hope others will see this post and add their own personal experiences with upgrading the mirage. Also I have another redcat mirage with a traxxas velineon motor and matching esc and it fits like it was supposed to be there. Both redcat mirages are powered by a turnigy 4s 5000mah battery that fits perfectly in the stock battery location.