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    Completely New to RC World... Looking for Guidance

    I know most of you are probably sighing already going "Oh no, not another 'new guy' post"... But I have good news! I actually read the new guy sticky before posting! Anyway, I digress. How about a little introduction first...

    So, I'm 23 years old and a recent college graduate. All my life I've been a tinker-er. Ever since I was a little kid I loved anything and everything with wheels that drove. If it has a steering wheel and the equivalent to a gas pedal, I want to drive it. I went to a couple of Traxxas races at the local dirt track and they, of course, showcased their RC cars. That's when the bug started. I never really had any cool RC cars as a kid. It was a bummer. I'm looking to make up for that now, though.

    1. What is your experience level for driving and building RC cars and trucks? Have you ever driven one? Built one?
    - What experience I do have is not with modified cars. I was really into the little RC cars that Radioshack was selling years back. You could change the body, tires, gears, and motor. They were "quick charge" meaning you popped them on the charger on the controller for 30 seconds and the battery would last for a minute or so before needing to be recharged.

    2. Where do you plan on running yourRC?
    - Pretty much anywhere I can find. Smooth dirt roads, dirt jumps, forest floors, grass, snow (if possible), etc.

    3. What is your intention for buying? Are you going to race or bash?
    - Bash 100%.

    4. What is your budget?
    - Since I'm not sure how into this I'm willing to get, I'm willing to put some money into it but I'd like to be on the cheaper end. I'd be willing for put out $200-$250 for a RTR truck.

    5. What scaleRC are you looking for? 1/5, 1/8, 1/10, 1/12, 1/18, etc?
    - No real preference on size. I'd like it to be able to run through lawn grass at least.

    6. What type of power source do you want? Electric or Nitro?
    - Electric

    7. Are you looking for something durable with more support for replacement parts or "hop ups" or are you looking for
    an inexpensive car just to have fun with.
    - I'd like to say just an inexpensive car to have fun with, but let's be honest.... hop-ups will probably be a thing. As with all car guys, nothing stays stock forever.

    8. Do you want a RTR (ready to run with everything but fuel and batteries) or a kit that you would have to build and
    add parts manually to?
    - RTR would be preferable for my first truck.

    9. What type of starting system do you want? Bump box, roto-start, pull start, electric-start?
    - Electric N/A

    10. Are you comfortable working on your own car for repairs or do you know a LHS (Local Hobby Shop) that can repair for you?
    - I'll do my own work.

    Any and all suggestions are appreciated! Let me know what you guys have had success with.

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    Welcome Shooter! And you did a little research, brilliant! The Q&A really helps us help you.

    Running on grass is one of the hardest things on any RC. Not a lot of traction, lots of drag. I wouldn't do that with anything less than a 8th scale rig with big tires. But you're not going to find one of those on your budget. If it was really short grass, a 4wd could handle short periods on grass, but generally grass is avoided. Running on forest floors would require 4wd, so I think you want to keep that in mind. (We'll get to snow later)

    Based on your budget, I'd look at the ECX line of cars. They have a 4x4 short course truck, the Torment 4x4, but it's a little over $200. ECX is a Horizon Hobby brand (like a lot of them) so spare parts are easy. But don't forget, you need some tools and batteries and a decent charger too. So figure that into your budget. You can get a good charger here for under $60. And HobbyPartz's Gens Ace batteries are good value.

    Short Course trucks are kinda big for 10th scale (compared to some other 10th scale rigs) but their size and style make them fairly tough, and, they tend to right themselves more often than not. If you have a little more scratch, you might want to look at some of the Axial brand machines, like the Wraith or the Yeti. Serious off-road machines and very popular right now. Lot's of aftermarket support. And a few different variations.

    There are guys who run RCs in snow. But that idea just gives me the willies. Yes, there are supposed "waterproof" electronics, and things you can do to protect your electronics, like putting your receiver in a receiver box, or a balloon, but "Electric" and "Water" are not meant to go together. If you're really into snow running, you'll need to do more research on how to protect your electronics better than just installing "waterproof" electronics.
    Just a schmoe....

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    Thank you for reading the Q&A! As far as what you have said goes, ECX cars like Rob said, or Traxxas vehicles are a great choice.

    Traxxas Slash;**&P=ML


    ECX Torment;



    Also, the promo code "SAVE15" on Atomik RC gets you 15% off your order!

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