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How I build my new truck with TT02


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Default How I build my new truck with TT02

Hello everyone!

Recently I found my old SC18 sitting on the shelf and decided to come back to RC, that I quit some years ago because I went to Mars for collage

I really like it because it shares so much parts with RC18, it means I only need to change a few parts to adapt it "on-road mode"or "off-road mode"

But I realized that this classic is discontinued and 1/18 off-road capability is really a joke, now I need a new truck .

Considering the mentioned requirements, I decided that tt02 will be a perfect choice because of it's great adaptability and will never be lack of parts. The idea of getting a tt02 was mainly inspired by tt02t, and I really can't find a tt02t to buy.

This is not my first try but I have to do it with this "First-Try Kit". Because they no longer have TT02 chassis kit. Decades ago they had TT01 chassic kit but now they decided it's no need in the market.
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As it said on the box, it's already "semi-assembled" so all we need to do is...
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What the hell you f**ked it up! Like everything you do!
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This RC kit is like your life!

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Alright seriously, I prepared ball bearings for it. Take it apart and replace all the copper/plastic rings

Keep going...

I'm going to stop here, not using the stock tires
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And the next day tires and body shell arrived!
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Paint the brake discs silver of course
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And that's what I'm talking about!
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Now it's the body. This is my first time to work on an uncut 1/10 body, but I have cut some 1/32 and some my DIY bodies, I've already learned how to make it easy.

The curved edge at the bottom creates strong points and make the body less flexible. So cut it off before anything will be a good move
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Tape along the way you are going to cut prevents the paint being scratched by the scissor.
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Bend the not-wanted part up 90-degree once separated from the body to make it out of the scissor's way
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Now the body is perfectly cut, next step is to drill the mounting holes. I'm going to use the "light method" since the body is pre-painted. light it inside and the shadow of mounting posts will project on the body
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Damn! It's black, I can't see the shade.
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Time to call in the big gun!
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Muhahahaha who's the boss now? Now we just need to mark down the...
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Ahhhhhhhhhhh! My eyes!
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After all it's done. The tip of drilling mounting holes perfectly is to make sure the left ones and right ones are symmetrical to each other after you mark the position. If not, remark an let it be. Then double check that wheel wells are in place, if need to adjust, double check symmetry again...

As my expectation, the wheels go great with the body shell
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Then I noticed something weird is marking on the radiant grille. *** "FAST"?
I know it can't go "FORD" or it will be more expensive. But what about "fork"? What about not a word at all?
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And oh my god it got a Fast Motor Company logo...
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Maybe in some 1/10 universe Hurry Fast founded the Fast Motor Company in 1903
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