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    RE: UNOFFICAL Tamiya Blackfoot Thread

    Hello everyone. New here but have been reading for the past few months and decided to join

    Do you guys know if wheels from a CC01 or TA02T fit the Blackfoot Extreme ? Looking for something a little more scale looking if possible.

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    RE: UNOFFICAL Tamiya Blackfoot Thread

    Few pictures of a Blackfoot (?)  picked up at a yard sale.

    Transmission feels rough and shocks are pretty sticky. May try and make a runner out of it

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    RE: UNOFFICAL Tamiya Blackfoot Thread

    well im just about to hit buy on a Blackfoot 3 which is going to get BEETLED.
    I plan to make a "monster beetle extreme" using a scorcher shell on the BF3 chassis, Rit dye the tamiya chrome wheels gold and finally make a custom aluminum chassis to shorten the wheelbase to near the measurements of the original blackfoot and monster beetle.i may even fit an original Monster beetle front bumper to a modified skid plate.

    i'll keep ya posted on progress

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    RE: UNOFFICAL Tamiya Blackfoot Thread

    just picked up my blackfoot 3 for $125.
    cant wait to start modding it.
    78mm ansmann shocks arrived today and they are a perfect fit on the stock shock towers.probably the most travel youll get on the stock towers. the max travel of the shock is juuuuuust short of the max travel of the arm when no shock is connected. Now just have to start on the shortened chassis
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    How did you find the spring rate and shock oil in the ansmann dampers?

    I have the 75mm versions to go on, just waiting for a few extra bits to come through...


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    Long story, but blackfoot almost finished (not my fault, out of my control...) and I think I can answer my own question...

    From a few drop tests of a non-running but almost fully equipped (everything except a steering servo) blackfoot with 75mm Ansmann dampers, they feel pretty much spot-on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by frst View Post
    Long story, but blackfoot almost finished (not my fault, out of my control...) and I think I can answer my own question...

    From a few drop tests of a non-running but almost fully equipped (everything except a steering servo) blackfoot with 75mm Ansmann dampers, they feel pretty much spot-on!
    Steering servo in, driven round house, body to do tomorrow...

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    Well chuffed after first run

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    my 6 year old kid just got my 20 year old tamiya bush devil... after some mods

    i know its not a blackfoot.. but they are very similar.

    i was first going for just getting it running, but it escalated.
    im going to upload a bunch of images, and ebay links

    first, the mechanical esc was yeat again dead.
    second, i wanted more power
    third, 5y old nimh 7,2V 3600mAh

    so, ebay time....
    *LEOPARD SKYRC 3930KV 10T Brushless Motor & 60A ESC Speed Controller Combo
    *2CH Radio Model RC Transmitter & Receiver Car Boat FS-GT2
    Mystery 7.4V 2S 5000MAH 30C Rc LIPO Battery Akku
    *iMAX B6-AC B6AC Lipo NiMH 3S RC Battery Balance Charger
    20pcs Rubber Sealed Ball Bearing Miniature Bearing MR115-2RS 5 x 11 x 4mm mah (bush devil needs 12pc)

    this was fantastic, bashing about with out any control. poping wheelies, roll, bounce, oversteer and understeer.
    30km/h full frontal in a pile of rocks resulted in a snapped damper.

    back to ebay
    *2pc 76003 HSP Centre Rear Dogbone ( 90 mm)
    *4pc RC Model Car Aluminum 88mm R/C Hobby Oil Shock Damper
    *Kimbrough Mid-Size Servo Saver

    and a scrap piece of aluminium.

    goal: wider track with 30 degree caster and ZERO bumpsteer. normal ride height with control arms level. more grip and control
    and still a strong, lightweight basher....

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20131128_140148.jpg 
Views:	453 
Size:	1.19 MB 
ID:	1943126

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20131128_140339.jpg 
Views:	450 
Size:	1.33 MB 
ID:	1943129
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20131128_140322.jpg 
Views:	480 
Size:	1.49 MB 
ID:	1943128
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20131128_140310.jpg 
Views:	24 
Size:	1.33 MB 
ID:	1943127front upper control arm is from the rear.
    its about 4cm wider in total
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20131128_140440.jpg 
Views:	18 
Size:	1.06 MB 
ID:	1943117
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20131128_140445.jpg 
Views:	27 
Size:	1.10 MB 
ID:	1943118
    zero bumpsteer: control arms and steering rod has the same angle and length.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20131128_140417.jpg 
Views:	28 
Size:	1.38 MB 
ID:	1943122
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20131128_140459.jpg 
Views:	32 
Size:	1.64 MB 
ID:	1943123
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20131128_140522.jpg 
Views:	29 
Size:	1.63 MB 
ID:	1943124
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20131128_140530.jpg 
Views:	22 
Size:	1.30 MB 
ID:	1943125

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    Hi, to whoever is out there?
    Thought I would send you a photo of my original Blackfoot/Monster Beetle I recently restored from original parts.
    It started life as a Monster Beetle and I bought it back in the day with my mum (I was 10yrs) when they were first released. Then in the late 80’s I went back to the original store in South Australia where I got if from and bought the Blackfoot body kit for $50 AUD back then and change it over.
    The chassis is all-original and so are the rims (new tyres but). The body you see on it now came from the US for an awesome price and is totally original so are the decals however I did buy a reproduction decal sheet as it was missing the licence plate decal.
    I still have the original body I got back in the day and it's in relatively good condition. I was thinking of selling it but I just can’t let go. However, I do miss my MB shell, it got lost over time.
    The only thing I still need are the original servo horns and then leaving it as a showpiece. I will eventually post some more photos.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1135.JPG 
Views:	56 
Size:	229.2 KB 
ID:	1959283
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    Hello fellow blackfoot lovers! I have just built a new super blackfoot 3. I went ahead and did the 4x4 conversion. Also added all ball bearings throughout. Bought the dual engine esc that tamiya sells with the super clod buster. Anyways at this point I am waiting for my oil filled shocks, new battery and charger..... the motors that come with the super blackfoot are the common RS 540. I want to upgrade and immediately. I am willing to buy a set of brushless engines but want to make sure they will work with my existing esc. Otherwise I don't mind using a set of brushed engines. Changing out brushes and springs, really isn't that big a deal. Basically I want this super blackfoot 3 to be as fast as I can and I am looking for advice on what motors to use. I want lots of torque or low end power with a mid range at high speed..... want this tamiya to fly!! Please let me know what motors you would run! Note, motors must be the same.


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    Hey guys, got a hold of this. Don't know what it is other than a Tamiya Blackfoot. It appears it's all there. It's just dusty. Is it worth restoring?

    Life is too short, use full rates...

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    It would be a shame not to restore this beauty.....appears in good shape with all pieces. Keep us updated as you restore it.

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    I got my Super Blackfoot 3 recently and have really enjoyed this build. I decided to do the 4x4 conversion right away. Knowing the plastic bushings are garbage I went ahead and replaced all the bushings with ball bearings.

    This is where it all began....

    Ball bearings throughout...

    Here's a cut away of how the blackfoot sits now...

    Upgraded the crap friction shocks to these oil filled 86 mm ones..

    Added a led kit for headlight and tails...


    Also upgraded the stock 540 motors for the Sport Tuned 540's. Big difference.


    and after..

    Still waiting for the drive shafts for the front..(Missing in the mail) until then I only have the one motor hooked up. But I can tell you this little truck scoots along pretty fast with just the one motor. Splurged and picked up a metal geared servo for the truck as well, makes a noticeable difference in the steering.

    Here is the Heavy Duty metal geared servo I picked up...

    Also picked up a set of aluminum servo mounts to help with the heavy duty servo...

    And replaced the stock servo saver with a Kimbrough 124 servo saver.

    The Blackfoot steering should now be strong enough to handle what ever I throw at it.

    Waiting on my drive shaft to arrive.....still lost in the mail.
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    original decals...?

    I have a dilemma. I have restored my MB with a BF shell parts like I had it back in the day, all 100% original parts. The new BF shell is mint but has poorly applied original decals that are not to my liking/standard. I have some really good quality reproduction decals but I am not sure if I should take off the originals and replace them with the repro's...

    It has taken me over a year to get all the original unused parts needed (at somewhat a reasonable price) and about 70% of it is all mine from 87'.

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    Hi guys...I have a BFX that is stock except for steel bearings that replaced the bushings, and a sport-tuned 540 motor. Want to upgrade the shocks to a set of oil-filled ones. Can anyone recommend which to use? I have been looking at a GPM 85mm long set. Any ideas?

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    N-1 I found these decals on ebay. They are the original style of sticker for the original BF,however I believe the decal set is aftermarket......not bad for $18

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    These oil filled shocks are a direct fit for your BFX and are a bargain....

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    Thanks Shaughnny. I already have the extended shock towers but don't want the truck to be too tall. Do you know what the length of the shocks are? I checked the link but it doesn't say how long they are. Thanks again.

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    What size thread do I need for this ball stud? Busted it today
    20150731_164154 by Corey S, on Flickr
    30yo Tamiya Twin Detonator

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