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k20_94_dc 02-14-2012 12:27 PM

*** 1/8 Esc & motor for D8te ***
OK I'm not to sure where to start. I've got a mmp esc and I'm looking to get a 1/8 scale truggy so I'll be in the market for a esc and motor My 1st question is would the Mmp handle the 1/8 motors? CC 2200kv 2650kv 2nd. What would be a good reasonably priced motor to get and what kv should I look at? Also what battey type 2s 3s etc. I'm wanting to get a hot bodies d8t converted to electric with the tekno kit. Thanks everyone

k20_94_dc 02-14-2012 08:16 PM

RE: *** 1/8 Esc & motor for D8te ***
Any input?

cummins driver 02-15-2012 06:21 AM

RE: *** 1/8 Esc & motor for D8te ***
Yes, the MMP will handle 1/8 scale motors and you can go up to 4s with it. You wouldnt want to run any less than 3s in a truggy, but id say 4s would be about perfect. Thats what i would run. Running the higher voltage also keep the amp draw down.

This motor would probably suit you very well if you are looking at something on a budget:


There are lots of other good motors that will work. Just stay around 2000kv in a truggy with a 36-44mm can size and 65-74mm length.

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