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neupane00 12-21-2007 12:14 AM

Imax B6 question. Any battery experts?
hello, i just bought Imax B6 charger. I have couple of questions. Question number 6 might be general question for any battery charger and any battery. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
1) When i select NIMH or NICD mode, I always get "Man".I never get "AUT", auto mode. What do i need to do?
2) In NiMH /NICD cell mode, I dont get to specify how much capacity/voltage my battery has. Is that not necessary?
3) I was trying to charge my 2/3Cell battery pack (6 cells-7.4 volts-1100mah). I was charging at 2A current. THe battery became hot. Does that mean it was already changed? But the charger didnt stop. I had to pull battery out. Why didnt charger stop charging after battery was charged and it was hot? is my charger broken?
4) I have subcell C battery and subcell 2/3A battery. Isnt the charging process for both battery same?
5) While i am charging any battery (lipo or NiHM battery packs) the reading doest look correct. For example I am charging 7.2 volt batter, the reading on charger says 9.6 volt!! Still the charger doesnt stop charging!! Same thing with LiPo pack.. With Lipo Pack its better because charging stops but still the voltage says 8.5 volt while charging my 7.4 volt battery.
6) In NiMh or NiCd mode there is no fast charge mode. Is that normal? What current do i need to set for a)NiCD 7.2volts sub-cell C, 1500mah battery b)NiMH 8.4Volt sub-cell C, 4500mah battery c) NiMh 7.2Volts sub-cell 2/3A 1100mah Battery?
7)Final question: Doesnt it have storage mode for NiMH or NICD battery? Like some other charger when charging is complete it will trickle charge. Does it do the same thing? Once the charging is complete. Does it automatically go to trickle charge? Where do i set what current i want for my trickle charge?

tashspop 12-21-2007 08:14 AM

RE: Imax B6 question. Any battery experts?
i can help a little.

your charger will auto detect cell count for nimh and nicad cells.

@8.45 is full charged voltage on a 7.4v lipo

your 2/3 batteries got hot because you where charging them too fast. lower the amperage for smaller cells.

connerscg 01-06-2008 08:52 PM

RE: Imax B6 question. Any battery experts?
I will try to help also...
I have the B5 and I LOVE IT!!!

1. Cannot answer the B5 does not say anything like that
2. My B5 also does not tell the cuttent capacity but does shoe the Mha it has charger in the lower right. when my 1100 Ni-Hm does completley it does charge to around 1185 which is normal and good.
3. Something is wrong there I charge my Lipos at the full 5A and they never get hot and charge fast. are you balance charging or just lipo charging it can do both. I balance charge a 7.4 2250Mha at 5A and it takes about 40 min and the battery NEVER gets hot.
4. Yes should be.
5. That is correct to charge a battery the charger usally inputs a higher voltage.
6. There is a fast charge mode it is the amps that you charge at 5A is faster than 0.1A
7. No storage and you have to manualy trickle charge at 0.1A sorry no automatic trickle charge.

lol if you do not like it let me know I will take it off your hands :)

Roxon 05-31-2008 04:33 AM

RE: Imax B6 question. Any battery experts?

hi i bought this charger the imax b6 a while back from hobby city. it has been a great charger for me overall but i too am having the same problem with the "auto/manual" mode, i cant seem to get it to choose auto mode, according to the flow chart in the manual with it sitting on its default screen where it says what type battery you are charging. like it says "program select NiMH battery" according to flow chart hit "start/enter" once that will take you to "manual/auto" however what actually occurs is that it takes you to a screen where you select the current you want for the manual charge rate. no matter how i try to get to where it will let you select manual or auto mode i cant seem to get there. it seems like back when i first got this charger i had this same problem but was able to figure it out and find it but now i have forgot what i did and cant seem to figure it out now. :( does anyone know how to do it??

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